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  1. Relating to this HWBot submission, where you did 4800 14-14 SP32M: https://hwbot.org/submission/4712591_dimon.sava2010_superpi___32m_core_i9_9900k_5min_29sec_589ms an you run fully tightened subtimings? Like tRFC 220, tRDWR_sg/dg 10, tWRRD_sg/dg 26/21 or 25/20, maybe tCWL 13 or 12 if all previous works. Does tRCD 13 or tighter RTL (56/56, 55/56, 55/55, doesn't necessarily need IOL 6 but might) run SP32M? Is 4800c14 the max for this set? Maybe could try 4800 ratio, drop core and cache by one ratio, boot 100.3 bclk and raise to 102.1 in OS, needing 2.03-2.05vdimm. Did you use waza? Thank you for your patience.
  2. Ah, you're the other person who was able to do 1t on Z390. Do you mind if I ask you to do any further testing?
  3. Does anyone know what the record for this category actually is? I know @Rauf has 5.51.328 or something like that, posted to FB on February 29th, 2020. I wish I had the original screen, as this FB upload reduced quality a ton.
  4. ofc rules are the same as always, 5003 max core/cache Kinda surprised nobody made a thread separate from the Sky/Kaby rankings.
  5. To my knowledge it works with Corsair AIOs too, but needs some modification to the adapter. Should see if he could make it compatible in its stock form.
  6. think this is in-os OC software https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PL3JEGwQn1-AvrlnDzIweXviqtzMAZtU/view
  7. @Wizerty Is there any RKL-compatible XOC bios for Z490 Ace?
  8. Quick performance check with the OS, seems good compared to my screens of previous OS. Looking forward to y'all's results
  9. OS is optimized for Rocket Lake mainly. You'll want to use InSpectre for previous Intel gens. For Cascade Lake-X/Coffee Lake-R/Comet Lake-S you will want to use a bios with modified/removed microcode for all benchmarks. For Comet Lake-S specifically, there is a patch that will need to be ran at logon of any user with Task Scheduler for the use of no-ucode bioses, see the XII Apex thread for more details. Maxmem is not set by default. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TnXW4rUrS7-IzgKLt9peYFChGTJKFmDd/view?usp=sharing Go wild.
  10. OS is optimized for Zen 3 mainly. You'll want to use InSpectre if you use an older Ryzen, and Geekbench 3 version 3.4.3 will score better with previous gens. Maxmem is not set by default. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TnXW4rUrS7-IzgKLt9peYFChGTJKFmDd/view?usp=sharing Go wild.
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