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  1. (for the Apex) Made 3 more variants of 0409, each with a different newer RKL microcode. 34, 39, 3c. Base bios with the microcode it originally had, 24, is also included. Would be nice to compare the same bios with different microcodes for SuperPi. Also, maybe interesting to compare 0707 to 0409 w/3c, as those have the same microcode now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19eCsCEWJvpZLIz7LF35h4RTubQyH64Nv/view?usp=sharing Also made 3 more variants of 0707, each with a different older RKL microcode. 39, 34, 24. Base bios with the microcode it originally had, 3c is also included. Wou
  2. @noizemaker Are you able to set RTLs properly on the Apex 12? All the 4800c14 results I've seen on this board used 41/41 or 42/43 RTLs or something like that. I've seen the Z590 OCF do 38/38 and the Z490 Dark Kingpin do 37/38 at 4800c14.
  3. Sparky necrobump ftw, commenting here as I may try this out "someday" Screen from @Dancop when looking at other results here, looks like that 52+ cache matters a whole lot could make taking #1 kinda tough
  4. Analyzing the 0062 normal and mod bioses. The normal bios uses RKL microcode version 0x3c, from March 19. The SuperPi bios uses 0x24, from January 5. I feel this could be relevant information.
  5. @Splave don't know if this is considered necrobumping yet Gonna throw that old 2x16 on your Z590 Aqua and run some SuperPi? 3800c11 1t maybe...
  6. I didn't know that you could disable parts of hwinfo monitoring, interesting.
  7. @LeeghoofdWhy do the non-benchmate rules say hwinfo has to be running in the background? Never before have I seen a SuperPi competition mandate this, and it's definitely gonna hurt score. Also, we already have the Benchmate stage, for the more modern/secure way. Seems a bit redundant.
  8. Go ahead and reveal those backups
  9. That's true, but I meant chip 2 is considered a "strong aio" chip. Most of my testing is done on air, maybe switch to water soon, so I want to know what that binning criteria would be.
  10. What is considered strong on AIO for Rocket Lake?
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