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  1. @bartx If referring to IX Apex, I do believe there is a trick to getting 4000/4133c12 working with A2 memory. tWCL 14, tWRRD_sg/dg 26/21 looser. Should work with 1t.
  2. Actually, I was able to go a bit further than that. 4933c14 passing, still at 1.95vdimm. Unfortunately, I've made it to the bios limit for vsa, so I'm not going to be pushing frequency any higher. Subtimings are the exact same as my 4800c14 hwbot score. 4933c14 pass.gb3
  3. @Splave I'm pretty close right now. I got a pass at 4900c14 right around 1.95v real. 4900c14 pass.gb3
  4. @GtiJasonset 4000mb in msconfig, actually limited os to about 2.4gb
  5. I'm also looking for a 10850k/10900k/10900kf non engineering sample with a strong IMC. My own 10850k just isn't cutting it. I can probably work out a trade + cash, especially if it's in the US.
  6. A bit of background on this set of memory: This is the kit #17 from websmile's last sale thread. The kit that did 4800c14 at 1.865v and also did 4800c14 1t on Z390. By far the best set of memory I've ever owned. In my own testing, this memory was able to do 4800c14 fully cranked at 1.87v real, tolerating 10c20t and didn't need vtt tweaking. Also very strong for daily clocks, but I haven't done any memtest on it yet. Here's a submission with proof of voltage: https://hwbot.org/submission/4554652 I'm willing to do $550USD including insured shipping and PayPal Goods and Services fees, can go a bit lower if through F&F. I'm willing to work out shipping outside the US as well if needed.
  7. @hansglans Technically, it's not necessary, but if you want your computer to function properly it is. I ran into significant instability when not using it. I have a theory that it trying to boost and throttle as it normally would while trying to use my manually set voltage, which would crash at the lighter threaded turbo speeds. When using the patch, my settings would work fine. Unfortunately, that patch isn't persistent between boots. I'm not sure about the transferrability of OC profiles, I wasn't able to save the profiles from my non-modded Dark bios anyways.
  8. @yaqy123 Do you have all your subtimings manually tuned?
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