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  1. Idk about you but I'm looking forward to Zen 3.
  2. Can kits of a lower bin, or older A2 Kingston, still run c12 1t in older boards?
  3. I got $3.50, we can work something out, right?
  4. I bench bc it's fun to push hardware to the limit
  5. I hardly even know Alby because of my very little time on the forums, but so far all I've seen is him being kind, fair, and trying his best for this community.
  6. I wouldn't call it dead, just changing. Ryzen helped bring manual memory overclocking (beyond xmp) to the mainstream and competition between Ryzen and Intel is bringing CPU overclocking more attention. More Universities and small groups are getting together, outside of the big boys with their own LN2.
  7. Board acquired from @junior-21-. Solid seller, very patient and reasonable. +1 rep. Can be closed now.
  8. Is there any special Zen 2 bios for Crosshair VI Extreme or Hero?
  9. @Mythical tech Any chance they clock well?
  10. Is that some teamgroup ddr4 I see with the Apex?
  11. @keeph8n Discuss further in PMs
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