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  1. we lost the mobile sub when the desktop version was submitted. Do they count as the same thing? https://hwbot.org/submission/4612931_prokon_3dmark___sky_diver_(gpu)_radeon_graphics_mobile_(renoir_448_shaders)_10687_marks
  2. I am unable to delete or edit my sub for sky diver. I posted overall score not graphics score
  3. hyper pi 32m is calculated per core not total time? skydiver is overall score or graphics score? subs are half and half lol
  4. Is core Disabling allowed on the Math benchmark stage? Also Can we use lga 771 chips in 775 boards?
  5. Stage 10 hyper pi 32 m Is this per cpu socket? Are we allowed to disable cores and hyperthreading? Thanks in advance
  6. Is win 10 allowed on all stages or just for modern Hardware?
  7. I think many of us get time off in dec\jan for the xmas break. Makes it a bit easier. Been looking forward to this comp
  8. is it just the little notches (771 mod) or is the pcb dimensions different....no clue on this one
  9. Congrats to the Aussies, Well done Thanks Hwbot staff and mods but more importantly all who participated. I know many people are very passionate. Biggest shout out to my fellow Canucks. Some of these guys showed some incredible determination and Hard work. I was part of a great team. Thanks for the inspiration Team CANADA Had loads of fun, Looking forward to the next one. P.S Jumper man...your new country is waiting for you
  10. wow, wish it could. thanks for the heads up. seems pretty particular on what it allows you to sub, not sure why there is an exception here hopefully the moderation team can remove our redundant sub. please and thank you. @Leeghoofd https://hwbot.org/submission/4288016_hilderman_reference_frequency_z170a_xpower_gaming_titanium_edition_300_mhz
  11. stage 5 is allowing for 2x 1151 submissions can you plz fix if we are only allowed one 1151 sub for that stage
  12. Loved the sheer volume of subs for this bench with cheap obscure hardware. Great gateway bench for new comers to join the community, learn and step up there game. I personally like benching 2d and this one I really enjoyed although I know some have mixed feelings about this one. Hopefully this technical difficulty is intermittent and we can resume our regular scheduled program soon. If nothing else, we had a good run babe...rip...till death do us part
  13. this is the worst sample possible. my jenky pot can cool 6 cores at 1.65v on dice. can only cool this underachiever at 1.6v on dice. vrms also getting hot on z170m ocf, had to actively cool with fans
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