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  1. Sorry, Couldn't resist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXtrSqIVK44
  2. Buying a new one from Bartx would probably be the best option.
  3. So many ways. So little time. 🙂
  4. You could build one yourself of a Kingpin mem cooler. Just cut it at tat off center and you're good to go 😉
  5. Just enjoy the hobby and bench! Tell about it to people who are interested. But don't overdue. If they want it they will go for it eventually.
  6. 5erveD

    Damn strong e8600

    VPN only solves the account issue. Most NL tweakers will probebly not ship abroad. If you think Tweakers is shit. Don't go there then.... Not sure what you are trying to proof here.
  7. 5erveD

    Damn strong e8600

    Only NL people can buy from Tweakers. If you need a hand let me know
  8. Just accept the outcome of this anomaly. Shake it off and build up new bench for next comp.
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