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  1. 5erveD

    eVc ordering

    Any info on prices already ?
  2. Glue ihs back see if it passes rma and hopefully get a new cpu Sell new cpu (if potatoe) and get part of the money back. This would be the best shot in order to narrow down the loss of £
  3. Just a thought. Pay half now and half after the claim with the handler has been dealt with.
  4. The collection! Haha. Would love to see how all of these are stored. Must be a wall full of gpu's 😉
  5. Is the 1801 modded bios with xp support better in eff. then the 1704 with xp support ? As for the turboV issue. Just set to multi in bios to 75 and start with slowmode. In os downclock using TurboV and flip slowmode off. Works for me.
  6. 5erveD

    eVc ordering

    Any progress or updates on this ?
  7. nice result! Why are those wires solderd on the bottom of the board and between de ram and dimm.2 slots
  8. 5erveD

    OC Panel II

    NO WORRIES, I know the guy. I can help you out here and order it for you and ship it to ya. Just let me know. Edit: Unfortunately it has already been sold.
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