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  1. Price on the Dominators reduced.
  2. Some prices reduced and added a EVbot
  3. OK! Late to the Parteee. But got board and cpu. What's the story on cold scare ? Is this still a thing ? And how does SP relate to OC. Does it affect it or is it just a number ?
  4. Rex sold. Some prices reduced.
  5. Hi Gents! As I no longer have time, space or use for these items so I wish to sell them. All hardware is functional or stated otherwise. I expect the buyer to cover shipping and/or fees Bank transfer or paypal.Hardware is located in NL Shipping in the EU up to 2 kg is between €10,- (no T&T) and €25,- (with T&T) Ask for more info about shipping if outside EU. SOLD: Rex. Board has been cold serveral times. Does 650+ FSB, Memwise it is mediocre. No PLL mod. One of the pcie slot clips has broken off but the slot is functional Comes with some accessoires. With E7400 as a socket protector Asking price € 135,- EVbot Used a couple of times on the gtx 285 and the gtx 980 ti. In box with all accessoires minus 1 gpu cable (2x gpu and 1 mobo) If interested I can add the gtx 285 Classy. Ask for details Asking price € 150,- STILL AVAILABLE: Asus Maximus III Extreme Used 2 times since I bought it. Tested it when it came in and just tested it again to sell it. No data what so ever on this board. Comes with a I7-860 as a socket protector. Only the board Asking price € 150,- Dominators 3kits No OC data. I'll Include the fan -2133 C9 2x2gb -2000 C8 3x2gb -1866 C7 3x2gb ( not working ) Asking price € 50,- Removed from listing Gigabyte P55A-UD7 Board has been cold multiple times with previous owner. It is not functional, it keeps on giving the 88 postcode which suppose to be related to the socket. Did not spend much time on it trying to fix. Comes with most accessoires still sealed. I3 530, IIrc, as a socket protector, could also be 540 Open to reasonable offers or suggestions.
  6. 5erveD

    [FS] everything I own

    You will be there!
  7. 5erveD

    [FS] everything I own

    We will bench again!
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