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  1. I had taken a swift look at it. But was a bit dazzeld by it. Used the modded bios from dsanka and tried with my good 8600k and that worked. Will give it another go to try with the Celeron. But only got that cpu to check the mod. Didn't want to have the chance of killing the 8600k. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Did you try using turbo vcore to manually set core 5 and 6 to the speed you set in the bios ? Not sure this is what you looking for tho.
  3. Modded the Apex IX and I am running Bios 0094. Testing with a Celeron G4920. Getting stuck at postcode 18. Reading in this thread it seems the microcode isn't implemented in the bios. @@rne You suggest to use mmtool. I never used that. Is that easy to do ? Do you have any tips ? Edit: Which cpu's are in the 0094 bios ?
  4. 5erveD

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    So the HD 5450 is a go? Time to raid local market!
  5. 5erveD

    Single stage - Basic noob settings

    Maximum of the cooling. You can use slow mode between benches for those hard to reach higher clocks. In other words you let the SS regain it's maximum capacity instead of rerunning the bench straight away. Although the SS says your temps are in the -60° C this doesn't mean the chip is getting these temps. There is a difference between these. To measure this you could put a probe on the IHS. This will give you more info about the delta and the voltages you alter.
  6. 5erveD

    [FS] 980 Ti KPE, GTX 260 LG, G.Skill DDR4, Corsair DDR3

    Agreed! Really decent prices!
  7. 5erveD

    [FS:EU] Z170MOCF - 200EUR shipped!!!

    Seen them go for €90 shipped. Local market tho 😉
  8. 5erveD

    Looking for Lightning cards to complete my collection

    Wow! You actually got a response...
  9. 5erveD


    George, EVGA has probably the best warranty on their products. Don't think that would be a problem. But yeah, you will find out when you need RMA the board 😉
  10. 5erveD

    [WTB] LN2 CPU and GPU pots

    OK! Better to grap one of the USA guys. Cos shipping is probebly gonna be a deal breaker 😉
  11. 5erveD

    [WTB] LN2 CPU and GPU pots

    Where you located ? Got a F1+extention here which needs to go.
  12. 5erveD


    That was my first thought as well. 👍