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  • Crew

K here they finally are, before we start to explain what and why we did it, take note that there will never be a point system that will suit everybody!

Some will love it, others will loath it. Nevertheless this new point system will be one of the last things we wanted to implement before the programmer can focus in full on a new HWBOT, completely build from scratch.

Last thing on our agenda is the merging of the "With BenchMate" benchmarks with the standard ones. But we require Mat's cooperation to make the latter happen.

K now back to the point system...


The Old Boints:

I completely lost track of how many different versions of HWBot have passed over the years, however there was one certitude: each release sported its own drama. Even though I’m practically part of the Furniture here, I have no easy explenation how the latest algorithm was ticking.

Without being a programmer, it was clearly noticeable that the recalculations were all over the place. Users also tended to loose points due to an incorrect triggered recalculation. Who hasn't seen something like the below picture highlights


  • Lots of zero pointers, identical points, point discrepancies between your attributed points and the others,... One starts to wonder why some of these irregularities were never fixed... as many of these bugs have been present for many revisions/years...
  • Other thing we spotted though was that the recalculation was only being performed for the top 100/200 scores. The new programmer discovered there was intentional code implemented specifically for that goal..
  • The recalc button was still great for individual score recalculation, but failed hard for complete rankings. Meaning more manual labour from the mdoeration Team to get some rankings fixed.
  • And the list goes on... but let us focus on the present and leave the past behind...


The New Boints:

  • Most important thing we wanted to address with the new point system is that it is understandable for everybody. Meaning you no longer require a master degree in rocket science.


  • Secondly the old competitive, skill rewarding algorithm was in most cases very unfair for the ambient overclockers. Thus we focussed on providing more "rewarding" points for OCer's down the ranking.





  • Thirdly the point recalculation needs to be triggered with each new sub, so we want to avoid having the same issues as in the past.


  • Last but not least the original point calculation was fully handled by the database Server. Making the Bot slow down and become even fully non responsive.


Instead of rewriting once more the old bugged code, Tim (our programmer) had the idea to code a memory wrapper for the main Production site that could attribute points versus a fixed position. While I was not into that idea at start, it slowly began to grow on me while conducting tests on the UAT Test server. What we noticed was that the  UAT site became more responsive and the point calculation was way faster and less bug prone versus the old code.

So what did we implement exactly?

After some trials and feedback of our members we implemented the current setup by using thresholds.

Let us take the Global points as an example:



As you can see it is pretty straightforward to grasp how it actually ticks. We went with the popularity of the hardware to specify a threshold. Thus dumping the reference versus the high score or them competitive skill level uber complex algorithms.

Thus the principle is :The more people that bench it, the more boints most will will get ( this IF we cross that specific threshold ) 

The Globals boints Thresholds are:

  • Less than 25 subs: nr 1 gets 15pts
  • Less than 51 subs: nr 1 gets 30pts
  • Less than 75 subs: nr 1 gets 65pts(2D) or 75pts(3D)
  • Less than 125 subs: nr1 gets 90pts
  • Less than 175 subs: nr 1 gets 105pts
  • Less than 225 subs: nr 1 gets 125pts
  • Equal or More than 225 subs: nr 1 gets 161pts(2D) or 169pts(3D)


The Hardware Boints Thresholds are: 

  • Less than 7 subs: nr1 gets 6pts
  • Less than 25 subs: nr1 gets 15pts
  • Less than 55 subs: nr1 gets 35pts
  • Less than 105 subs: nr1 gets 50pts
  • Less than 181 subs: nr1 gets 62pts
  • Equal or More than 181 subs: nr1 gets 70pts


An example of Global points change (with one extra added submission), therefore passing the threshold of less than 25 subs:

Threshold: Less than 25 subs: nr 1 gets 15pts



Now if one new submission is made to the 14X CPU category ( doesn't matter brand nor model) the boints will double to 30pts as we end up in Threshold 2Less than 51 subs: nr 1 gets 30pts




What does this mean for you?

  • For the Top3 there's still a point gap, but it is no longer that big of a point gap, this to enhance competitiveness.
  • Boint distribution is no longer linked to the highest score, but is now linked to the amount of submissions (aka popularity). Again enhancing competiveness.
  • There's no longer the possibility of an equal point distribution before reaching the minimum of 2 points.
  • Users down the ranking will be awarded with more "motivational" boints than before. e.g. While you only got 0.1 point at spot 240  before you know might get 8 pts or more.
  • 3D benchers can be more competitive for the overal OCer ranking, even though they still have less classes to compete in.
  • Zero pointers (unless already bugged) and irregular points distribution are no more.
  • Front page will be more responsive.
  • Your user profile/rank probably will get a boost, but take into account that your old profile might probably be bugged.
  • ...
  • It will require some users to bench differently to maintain their position in the seasonal ranking. (Typical for each point revision).



On the left we see the old Hardware boints system, on the right column the new one.


Since we didn't want to take the Bot offline like last time (over 9 days), we opted to go with slow ( and at the moment manual ) recalculation. This allowed me to fix tons of bugged subs ( zero pointers, double/triple subs, hardware submitted in the wrong core category,...)

Take note that no changes have been done (yet) to the Team powerpoints, nor the distribution of the globals/hardware points for the career/seasonal league, neither any changes did take place on the achievements page!
Also this new pts system doesn't fix the 15th out of 14th ranking! That's another coding bug we need to tackle!


From next week we will script the recalculation, this will implies we will count on your cooperation. If your eagly eyes spot any discrepancy in the ranking/points let us know as soon as possible by Private Messaging Leeghoofd (if possible add the required links and/or add an explenation)









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  • 7 months later...

Having lived with the new point system now for close to a year I can fully confirm it is much more motivational now to do Subs.. Long gone are the 0.1 pointers that really was... useless....  

Having also lived through the change to the full core vs P cores on the Intel platform I can also conclude. Der8auer, you were right hehe:-) It makes perfect sense,

With the scores and points we now achieve it makes it also interesting to go scrounge around for old hardware and mix with new. Like old GPU new platforms and so forth.

The fact that more subs also can take advantage of Benchmate entry for hardware fields is excellent. So overall from my side I dont think I have seen Hwbot ever being as good as it is now. 

Thanks to the entire Team for continuing to push the envelope on improvements.

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  • Leeghoofd pinned this topic
  • 7 months later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Hello sir i am from south korea

i can't speak english very well 


i have some question about bench mark receive point in ENTHUSIAT LEAGUE 





i am always on Enthusiast  benchmark test finished it  upload my system is not  extreme cooling  picture upload for   this warning message   

However, the point score does not seem to increase when changing leagues.
Is there a problem with the results I am uploading?
Or is it uploading normally?







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  • 3 months later...

It looks there is something wrong with the point system for hardware. I mean I saw the same for other hardware but can't remember it right now. 

The rules for hardware points say...

- Less than 7 subs: nr1 equals 6pts
- Less than 25 subs: nr1 equals 15pts
- Less than 75 subs: nr1 equals 35pts

- Less than 125 subs: nr1 equals 50pts
- Less than 181 subs: nr1 equals 62pts
- Equal or More than 181 subs: nr1 equals 70pts


62 points for 105 subs https://hwbot.org/submission/2412369_i.nfrar.ed_pifast_sempron_145_18sec_950ms

62 points for 113 subs https://hwbot.org/submission/4016766_i.nfrar.ed_cinebench___r15_sempron_145_160_cb

50 points for 69 subs https://hwbot.org/submission/4016770_i.nfrar.ed_geekbench3___multi_core_sempron_145_3412_points


62 points for 121 subs different CPU https://hwbot.org/submission/4442102_the_silver_superpi___32m_sempron_140_12min_25sec_562ms

62 points for 112 subs different CPU https://hwbot.org/submission/2940297_i.nfrar.ed_superpi___1m_athlon_xp_2500_(barton)_33sec_328ms



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  • Crew

It has been reported and asked to verify by Tim Papusan ,but on inputs from Salty we changed some points for testing ( see a few posts up )


Nevertheless Tim is tasked to fix first the "Prepopulate by previous submission" issue !

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  • Crew
15 hours ago, Papusan said:

It looks there is something wrong with the point system for hardware. I mean I saw the same for other hardware but can't remember it right now. 

The rules for hardware points say...

- Less than 7 subs: nr1 equals 6pts
- Less than 25 subs: nr1 equals 15pts
- Less than 75 subs: nr1 equals 35pts --> was changed to 55 subs

- Less than 125 subs: nr1 equals 50pts --> was changed to 105 subs
- Less than 181 subs: nr1 equals 62pts
- Equal or More than 181 subs: nr1 equals 70pts

Rules edited

15 hours ago, Papusan said:



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