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    Good ,seems like it is some chance for this to be solved then But Dimastech neads to improve their communication with people that do special orders like cascade. Especially when a pre pay are involved. Better communication = This thread have never appeared = All involved would be happy
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    Still its beyond my thinking why you sponsor Hwbot world tour and in the same time scamming hwbot benchers..... God way of ending company business if scamming theory turn out to be true. Maybe there is another reason why this have turned ugly for buyers.... Lets hope people with better contacts with the company find out what have happen. Dimastech is not a new company in the hardware business, So why start to behave like this suddenly to buyers. Either way the communication is the worst i have encountered in my life buying pc related products and therefore no more Dimastech products for me ever again ....
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    You are not alone Rusty ordered one cascade in March payed 1000 euro up front. another 1000 euro when it was done. He sad the build was clear in may and was ready for tuning. I asked for pics of it 2 weaks ago no reply since that mail( he was gonna send pics after business trip) . Asked then for weak ago if there was any problem with the cascade unit still waiting for reply.... So in total he have 3k euro total at least... Got a felling that me and Rosty is not alone in this mess.... The dmg is done.... I hope this gonna be solved but the silence have made one thing clear for me, will never order a single thing from Dimastech ever again.....
  4. Yes it is very strong in all areas core,uncore,memcontroller. My SS is weak tho(drop to low -35:S. Mutch higher clocks is possible with yours. It do 5300 at this with same volt (1.39v)and my SS. Really nead my cascade.
  5. Batch L443B777 5820k 5060-5080 xtu 1.44v 5ghz+ uncore(1.35v) 2800 tight mem http://hwbot.org/submission/2834262_pulse88_xtu_core_i7_5820k_2051_marks score is 5040 but i have got it higher with 1.44v. 5400 hwbot prime 1.44v 5100+ uncore (1.35v) 2800 tight mem http://hwbot.org/submission/2834289_pulse88_hwbot_prime_core_i7_5820k_7923.42_pps Done with weak single stage. Scale with cold and voltage. i cap the voltage to 1.44v before i do cascade runs. cores and imc is very strong best haswell cpu i tested yet.
  6. Thanks Topdog cant wait to play with cascade soon, This chip nead more cold to scale.
  7. It do XTU at 5060-5080core with 1.44v 5050-5100 uncore with 1.35v. Thanks Obscureparadox .will push it harder when cascade arrives.
  8. It nead 1.49v to be stable with these setlings and uncore.This run volt was a little higher(profile for quadfire) Still not the best cpu out there. Maybe time to get a cascade... I have a malaysia chip to. Better at core clock scaling vs volt but it have a terrible imc/uncore vs this costa rica one. You got better luck with your cpu Nedernakker?
  9. Yes they are hailea chillers one 3300cp and one 1650cp. They are also modded for subzero.
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