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  1. My Delid die mate just got home. This tool is a gift to the oc cummunity. Oh man what a quality tool. Worth evry Euro. German enginering at the best.
  2. I leave this here. No one more should be tricked in this forum of this guy... http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=121289 Hope this help
  3. To be honest i dont think Hwbots intention with these teamcup/countrycup comps evry year its not to have people bashing eatch other about cheating. I Think the reason of these comps to bring team members/ coutry members together as freinds and in the same time get them to learn of eatch other and have some fun. The countrys/teams in the top is the teams who done the team spirit the best. Congrats to all for a god and fun Countrycup.
  4. i take number 2 if its still for sale
  5. Pulse88


    My guess it is with 10 years delivery time. After a year they will pay back your money if ever.... You as buyer are there *loans* as it is now. Dimas have likly some economic problems... I for one can not se any other explanation of ther behavior latly to the buyers. Sad to se more are affected then me and Rosty. They have not payed back me 1k Euro think Rosty Still have not got all hes money either after a half year of waiting. So my advice dont ever buy from Dimastech. I have email konversation over the whole year saved that are horrible to read. I may use it later if this is not get solved in the right way. I think Hwbot members must be warn in other way then this thread. Not evryone reads in this part of forum or on forum at all.
  6. Yes it is Rauf. Now when i have got motherboard to work again i will rerun this card. Was only runing x8 pci speed under all results with it. Running x16 will likely increse the reults.
  7. Thanks all. Yes it is stock voltage with stock aio.Cards Vid voltage is very low 1.175 on load. 1145mhz core is possible with all 4 cards under non cf. Hbm is over 600mhz on all cards with stock voltage. coreclock and Hbm clock goes down under cf,tri cf,quad cf. Will mod the cards later when i have time and go subzero waterchiller. Fury X and unlocked fury strix will likly give Titan x and 980ti special edition cards a match in FsX and Ultra, were drive overhead has less impact(combined score)(cpu score).
  8. Thanks XTREME ADDICT and OBSCUREPARADOX i will take them under cold water later when Ln2 bios and voltage control comes to public for the cards.
  9. Fury cards is monsters. New bios and voltage controll is neaded and titan X and 980ti would have a problem in this bench when fury x have Cold water or Ln2.
  10. Pulse88


    Dont wannna be a Jackass do you think it gonna be easier to get a cascade to us when they have prob to get cascade to eu guys in the fisrt place. Afterall they are making them in italy. ........ My advice to wait some more time.... /Pulse88
  11. With 1400/1300 on gfx and cpu of 6200-6300 you might even get 110k on this bench or close to it. Heck even with cpu 5ghz and card 1400/1300 will be 104-105k beaten all gtx 280 and 285 in 03.
  12. 5ghz cpu on water and still got best 3d 03score on 4890. One beast of a card you got there buddy
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