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    Not supriced a bit ,warned about this in about a years time. That he had problem with money. But hes way to threat hes buyers is even worse and I for sure wont miss Dimastech a bit after losing 1k euro from this clown.....
  2. Pulse88


    Still no money back 1.5 years waiting and thats 1000euro......
  3. I take kit number 3 and 6. Sended you pm.
  4. Amazing work whats next maybe 5200+ mem speeds soon? Soon ddr4 mem beating broadwell-e 10core cpu speed
  5. No idea of clocks on Ln2 i guess it depends on cb. It scales 350-400 mhz in all benches with 0.1v and going from ss to cascade. Sadly i think evap is not upp to the task for this 6 core cpu. I guess with ln2 you have -30 to -60 to gain in load temps depending on cb of the cpu. I have no pots yet for ln2 action maybe later i will test it.
  6. Pulse88


    The court in Us and europe is not the same. Here in Europe it is either expensive or were expensive. The one with biggest money wins sadly in most cases.
  7. Pulse88


    Agree To go lawsuit is always a lose situation for the one that is tricked. Either you lose and then it is 2-20k euro lost in best case, or you win you get 1k euro but have to spend alot of time worth way more then 1k euro in the first place for most people. Dimastech knows this, thats what make me so fucking mad. THEY DONT CARE A SHIT AND STILL THEY TRICK GOD PEOPLE! So what George say is somthing HWbot nead to take in consideration to get stronger against companies that trick people in the community. One law in this world is that one person is weak many is way more stronger lets go for the better choise for this community!
  8. Pulse88


    My 1k euro have been tied up in 1 year. NO UNIT NO REFUND yet. Even if you dont care a shit, some of us do ,that have been tricked by Dimastech. Think its not helping other Hwbot members to make this thread a trade thread for dimastech when the reason for this thread was severe problems between Users,hwbotstaff to the (Theif) company Dimastech. Think i may post some emails between me and the company, then some of you wont spend a dime to this company ever. Think its time we start helping fellow Hwbot members to understand this company is not to be trusted in any way.... God knows have many people that have been tricked of this company it is `many` more than me Rosty or George... Thats for sure. I am not trying to point out some of you but it is sad that some of you may be tricked or take the chance to be tricked even now after the whole circus around Dimastech in year 2015.
  9. Oh man i think its Christmas on Hwbot sales section this week. Alot of good things for cheap price.
  10. Thanks guys. Must say cascade is fun, Now i can compete better then with SS.
  11. Pulse88

    Z170 OCF + VGA's

    you have a deal on the formula Nick
  12. Pulse88


    Still waiting for my 1000 euro... For a cascade build. Nearly a year ago since i paid them. And no money back yet....
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