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  1. SoF

    (EU)Vintage Vgas

    Hab hier noch ein paar Karten, die ich zu gern im SLI sehen würde - dementsprechend sortiere ich die GPUs aktuell 66€ geht klar - kurze PM dann
  2. SoF

    (EU)Vintage Vgas

    Angoholic needs to update his counter "Best I can do is 60€ for 5-9 - will be sitting in the drawer for years until I find the right buyer or time to bench and I still loose money on this" (reference intended )
  3. Haha yeah shipping to Australia is literally impossible I still have one GPU pot and the otti-copy. And here is all the RAM I have left - might keep some sticks, but would sell some as well.
  4. Paket liegt schon bereit für dich - wenn ich es schaffe gehts Freitag noch auf den Weg
  5. Short update: no response from Don yet on AF (made him a good offer), will be on business trip until friday now, if there is still no response I assume he lost interest and I will re-launch the entire sale. I need to get rid of some other valuable stuff (best 3960x in Germany, banchetto benchtable, 1200W Antec PSU etc...) because spring is here and I need to get the garden done Oh and I have some DDR3 which I need to get some infos on...maybe some ram guys can help, I am not sure how good this stuff is, some PNY and G.Skill review kit I always loved to bench with... If somebody is willing to pick up the cascade from 10-17th april - you can have it for 299€ as a little easter-deal!!! (no april's fool, I am dead serious, I need the space!) Free BBQ, chat about good old times and a beer included! (lol funny enough it's not even the money I need, just want the space it's taking back ) Big easter deal could be: 1x 2 stage cascade 1x 1200W Antec TPQ PSU 1x LN2 GPU Cooler 1x Banchetto 101 Bench-Table 3x 1 GB Elpida Hyper DDR3 (maybe one or two sticks bonky, throwing it in for free) 1x BBQ (+free drinks) and sleeping place in my guest room if needed 600€ all inclusive (but you need to pick up all the stuff here)
  6. Very deserved facepalm...but please be gentle with me, I'm a sleepy young dad with lots of other things in my mind atm YGPM Don (on AF )
  7. bump - nobody in for some good cooling gear?
  8. all the best! the few free hours I have....spending it sorting stuff...guess retro / native-oc ppl. would go wild seeing what is sitting here
  9. 1st AOCM 2007...can't believe it's been 10 years already...
  10. I might be in for a trade against 7700k or sth. like that - doesn't matter if it is a rat...just maybe want to upgrade my all day system a bit.
  11. If you hear voices talk back to them or they might get upset By the way there is one otter-style pot on the pics which was made by another AwardFabrik member. It is a bit smaller but also full copper and can keep temps at very exact values without always refilling like every 30s as with non-solid pots. I can't find the top mounting plate atm but if somebody is interested I can search for it or reprint one with PLA. Only asking 125€ including shipping (EU).
  12. Congratulation Freddy! :celebration:
  13. Thanks! Here is my old cascade - haven't used it in years, just asking spare part price of 350€. No shipping - Pickup near Berlin,Hamburg or Hannover possible. Has lost 2 bar pressure according to the scale - pretty sure it needs some re-fill before it can reach it's temperatur of ~-80°C. If you really tinker around, maybe use stronger compressor like a rotary for one stage you might get close to -90 or even colder. Looks ok, has a long suction line and multi-socket evaporator. Have no time to test, will sell it as is - some knowledge about compressor and cascades recommended! Served me very well when testing CPUs or benching G80 GPUs with a riser card - some pretty good hours and memories that have to go now..
  14. Thanks! Just happened yesterday and like you said - NOTHING can reach that Checked pms but nothing there?
  15. Thanks! Will be literally running around circles the next days I guess
  16. Cebit 2008 - 4870X2 crossfire on Mushkin booth by no_name & joe_cool... PS: too bad most of the 1st AOCM picture thread is dead because we all used shitty free hosters back then but if interested, I can try to recover some backups from older articles of AwardFabrik from 2007-2010
  17. Selling some very good LN2 coolers here - older guys will know the legendary Otterauge rev 4 pot... The GPU coolers will come with 3 mountings and are 2-sided to fit a very wide range of older cards as well as SLI and CFX. Some stuff from my real crazy days... all pictures Prices: Otterauge rev 4 - sold to Don_Dan GPU pot - 100€ excluding shipping | one cooler sold to Don_Dan Full Copper LN2 "Otti-Style" (without mounting) - 125€ including EU shipping Will ship: D/A/CH + EU (via Hermes or DHL) best regards SoF PS: communication might be delayed during the next days as I am awaiting the birth of my first child But I try to keep up asap...
  18. inspired by techjesse
  19. I'm very meeow, much rooar, little miiewww... ...and first of all: happy that meme humor is alive
  20. (only cat owners might get it...)
  21. Hmmm...maybe need a good otti-potti and a bench-table?
  22. Just got my payment confirmation from HTC so feel free for offers.. Things will go to ebay by the end of the week maybe...
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