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  1. ...discovering a lost AMD GPU collection... ...or CPU collection.. (cpu image tomorrow...I still try to figure out when and why I got it )
  2. Do I need to put a cascade, single stage compressor or more in that bundle to be attractive? (dual stage goes for 400€ as long as you are re-working and shipping it yourself...look for my old 8800 GT(S) topics to see it) Just found old GPU package...no idea how many hands those cards have seen but in pretty good condition... 200€ bucks depending on which cards/ovps you see (9800GX2 aint for sale )
  3. Hey folks, time to sell some stuff as I need to make room for my VR-space (and pay that damn vive ). Gigabyte X99 SOC Force - very good condition, never seen cold - package in very good condition (stored in non-smoking office) - was for reviewing and testing but after 4 CPUs and no real gem I gave up on this platform 350€ shipped within Europe Zone 1 with DHL (if unsure, PM) PowerColor 7990 - very good condition, never seen cold - package in average condition (seen a flight from taipeh and some traveling) - was for reviewing and testing but never liked the 79XX cards 500€ shipped within Europe Zone 1 with DHL (if unsure, PM) Otterauge Rev. 4 full copper pot - last edition of Otterauge's LN2 coolers before he stopped building - full copper, around 3 or 4kg pure mass - best for holding temps at a very exact point with enough time to do stuff and not only pouring - good condition, might need some polishing - screws and plates included, no springs (never needed any with this heavy puppy :banana: ) 180€ shipped within Europe Zone 1 with DHL (if unsure, PM) Bundle of all 3 items: 949€ shipped Bonus-Bundle of all items above + Banchetto 101 Bench-Table: 1049€ shipped -table comes in extra-package as the original package is pretty huge Cheers, SoF
  4. Not sure if you're into this or not. If not, maybe let kickstarter know...heard a bird saying you ain't that happy with ppl. copying your ideas It's different with making a personal print but having this on kickstarter?
  5. Sounds like pretty cool oldschool overclocking out of the bios with no changes in windows - tweaking contests incoming...guarentee it! Thanks man!!! :celebration::ws::ws:
  6. Finished my first prints today with the usual PLA-issues...part curling Infill is 90% which is always critical but still better than using fixed honeycomb with low stability like here. Make sure your 3D printing shop offers full infill for the critical parts taking the heavy forces during ihs removal process with low part curling (usually rules out any PLA "stock"-printer below 1-2k...closed ABS systems undergoing testing next week btw).
  7. cool stuff man, makes me smile to see such mod on an i3...keep pushing it
  8. Yeah let's go over creating stuff like backplates and cooler-mountings. I was way more annoyed from these than heatspreaders over the years Never had a perfect fitting mounting plate for my compressor coolers back in the days due to boards changing mounting holes every month...always drilling same with the top-mounts of some pots - older ones can be upgraded with some new holdings and work fine. If you miss some specific older pot / singlestage mounting maybe just report here and we check if we can build one...
  9. I thought 939 would be much easier - the HS itself is so plain Maybe use a blocker for the HS or invert the inlay part - again many options Think it is best to add side-guards as well in the top area so you really have only 2mm to move the spreader which hopefully is just enough too make it pop off or at least get loose.
  10. Yeah they are really damn close...only thing that could help is going really slow on squeezing to avoid major impact...
  11. Yeah I should re-name it "key-chain-generator"
  12. Sure - got a dead 5960X? S2011 needs bigger overall tool size...old CPUs are smaller... €: dem joke
  13. This one is for oldschool-benchers - AMD Socket 939 edition. The first one to be compatible with a PGA chip probably Modul holds the HS (I found one of my old Venice 3200+ and measured it), counter-part should press against the PCB (and pcb only!). Make sure it fits tight, if it goes over the side of the PCB you will surely bend the pins and destroy the CPU *shruggles*
  14. Went over to a vice design which twists the principle of the other 3D file as well as adding the possibility to swap inlays for more versatility when new CPU or older CPU dimensions are in need. It holds the PCB and the slider will go sidewards to the HS - if the printed plastic is too soft it can be reinforced with a small metal plate. Theoretically it should be possible to make it working for older AMD CPUs with pins as well....hmmm should I give it a try? Just added one (fun) plate from LGA 2011 according to the Intel spec pdf. But borders are too thin I think...these cpus are huge and soldered ^^ Should be fine to share - but be carefull you probably want to hold down the cpu and the socket holder with a clamp just to make sure it stays in place. Also I assumed 1.2mm for the PCB height...not sure if this is the optimum value as I heard people saying the Pentium G for example has a bit higher PCB. STL files and AutoCAD files
  15. Patents only apply to commercial use - building things for private use is still allowed.
  16. I am currently trying a different design approach which should be ok for releasing. Not sure yet if it will be stable enough but theoratically should work as well. Hopefully can show it tomorrow
  17. see dev-note from 22/11 - it will be more effective when you use some kind of metal shield instead or in front of the "bolder block" This is an easy detail to solve...mixing materials is always helpful and mandatory during DIY. Never rely on the printed parts only - think about how you can merge things together! And as I said for the beta...this is a fresh sketch - we are not at the "works instant and everybody can understand" level yet. JUST DON'T USE WOOD-SCREWS!!!
  18. It needs bluetooth...everything is better with bluetooth! :D aww yizzz...how could I dare to make it square?
  19. Hey guys, to all hardcore-oc'ers these days - buy the true HQ der8auer delid mate here for just 90€ I already said the new idea of removing heatspreaders from Roman is pretty clever and cool but if you are broke down or save money or just got a new 3D printer , or just wanna delid cheaper CPUs, or simply have the possibility for printing 3D...give it a try for a few bucks. No more bunnyextractionstorm...some of you guys seriously need to calm down This is only proof of concept, just to show it is possible to make a HS remover with a printer. Everything can be build within Autocad 123D Design which is a free software - it takes a bit to get used to it, but it does pretty good for a free modeling software. The STL file for the bottom is pretty much ready - as well as the top. Took around 4 hours getting into the software and 8 hours building. If you have experience and probably have a software you are already used to might be possible in 2-3 hours or less. Due to the fact there is not much to build around the original CPU dimensions it looks pretty close to the tool from der8auer and I do not want to share files due to people mixing it up with product copying Printing time on MakerBot 5th Gen / Rep2 / SSYS Mojo is between 2-3 hours per part depending on filling and details. Keep in mind: MakerBot (usually) is printing PLA which might skew after some time SSYS Mojo / uPrint ABS is stable but has a layer resolution > 0.2mm < 0.28mm - you have to optimized the file - once done it's very reproducable. Downloads (not available for the moment, let everything calm down) 22/11/2015 - first beta-version which now needs to be optimized I think Pretty sure it won't come out perfect on the first try but the basis should be there to make it working. Also I think it will be more effective when you use some kind of metal shield instead or in front of the "bolder block" - must be tested. 23/11/2015 - some small adjustments - objects splitted into 2 files - not floating above the ground anymore - optimized for non-support printing (need to drill away the 1 mm layer in between the 6 mounting holes after print but no big deal) Measurements taken from: http://www.intel.ie/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/guides/2nd-gen-core-lga1155-socket-guide.pdf (mostly page 128) 23/11/2015 16:00 - it's on der8auer to let the files be free or not - he owns the basic design and can decide... 25/11/2015 - yay...a different version which follows the vice-method but with modular PCB-holder more nfo
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