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  1. Yes - I got it from a guy only testing on Watercooling and he got me some screens back then...unfortunatly I don't have ac/wc pics of that chip. mostly had it for testing under cold. currently pending...
  2. Not anymore That moment you're happily married
  3. Anybody in for 500 Euro including shipping? I really need to get rid of stuff...
  4. I'm in for some #K404 #HYPE
  5. Dafuq I see - it's been a while...maybe X8XX GTO times when I was that impressed by an AMD vga. Good stuff XA!
  6. just the bundle available - separated if there is one buyer for cpu and one for the board at the same time.
  7. I can't find specific pics anymore but iirc that was easy for the chip - for 1m it did way more for sure.
  8. Hi all, seeing the first Skylake results it seems like a good idea to get rid of some older (formerly expensive) stuff and raise some money Today on sale is a cherry 3960X doing 5.5+ on single stage on a Rampage IV Extreme which I had over many years and it always served me well even after loosing a pin within the socket during one of the first sessions (pic included). One old score with Unigine... It was lately tested during our team session by the BenchBrothers and confirmed working fine even with full set of samsung based rams. Unfortunatly I can't find the RIVE manual atm but the rest of the gimmicks (OC Key, bridges etc) are still there. Asking for 480 EUR shipped within Europe, can do 475 EUR in GER. regards SoF
  9. I was so happy when seeing Shamino and Fred again - it was quite a surprise for them as well, as they didn't expected me in Taipei. Didn't had that much time to talk but got them on tape And here is some coverage from the Corsair event, which was pretty cool...just the way we got moved out (or more like got kicked out ) when the show was over (almost 20 minutes before schedule) was strange
  10. The Russian-German friendship is strong here Was nice to see shammy and freddy again
  11. Due to the pictures above I didn't took any pictures on the first day of the exhibition itself Only tested the VR-Stuff at Galaxy but if you are still having a head ache this ain't the best idea... But after one evening without drinks and party I'm refreshed and ready to start reporting
  12. Not taking part in the competitions myself - just cheering for the others (have to support the German guys ofc ) and taking pictures for the community
  13. Just give me LN2...no more screw-drivers anymore
  14. stummerwinter heard you guys paid G.Skill a visit... That rotten towel must be at least 10 years old now
  15. yeah leeghoofd already told me - maybe we see each other later this evening or so...
  16. Somebody can send me the adress of the benchhouse please? would like to visit you later this afternoon
  17. Now that's what I call a decent room My personal smoking and chill-out area The pictures of the view need to be re-captured but I wanted to give you a first impression See you guys tomorrow, maybe we have dinner here in the park hotel (all you can eat and drink, german buffet for a really good price) and go clubbing afterwards or sth... Edit: stummerwinter couldn't make it to Computex but is holding a little session this week-end with our AwardFabrik-Team and just sended this to greet us all Now I'm excited to finally get some LN2 in my hands again...I heard we will have new CPUs to play with, Unigine records to crush and a shipload of mainboards to torture within the next days :D
  18. Just arrived in our hotel after meeting Albrecht at the airport - that was unexpected, we had the same flight The Park City Hotel is absolutely awesome - the room, the restaurant and specially the view (will post tomorrow, can't take a good picture when its dark). Oh and there is an all-you-can-eat-and-drink here, so if there is "spare-evening" (as if this would happen ) we can have a nice round here as well. Expect me to be fully refreshed tomorrow after a 10 hour sleep
  19. leaving to the airport now and arriving tomorrow afternoon (hopefully) - see you there!
  20. 10 years ago I would have screamed "here I am"... These days...not knowing anyone still running his good old Mach I or Vapo 24/7...
  21. Happy B-Day Boris! :D
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