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  1. 100 micron should definitly do it and making threads after printing isn't a big deal either (why bothering printing that, there are different solutions for the movement part) maybe will give it a try with a 5th gen replicator and some old CPU for proof of concept...will share STL file then.
  2. U can easily print this for below 10 € on a 3D printer like a makerbot...clever, simple idea but the price is a joke...
  3. Sure! Just like everybody can make his own confused Travolta movie...even funnier when you are old enough to have seen the movie in its original form. Called: Gettin' home (after 4 days on tour) looking into OC chat
  4. issues here as well - new (latest) version says "check if there is another perf tool running" ... but there ain't one...
  5. Hahaha are we now back to the "let it crack"-times? Last time this went around was GTX 580 fully loaded Interesting to see 3M here - knowing them from several professional / industrial stuff like car wrapping foil and adhesives... when it comes to special chemicals they sometimes have some really interesting things...
  6. The problem is I don't want to have an expensive CPU laying around here with no board. Up to now nobody wanted to pay a reasonable price for it alone.
  7. Would like to test in Forum and maybe WordPress. A list of the TOP20 in Germany would be nice to have on the mainpage.
  8. now going for 480€ including shipping within europe!
  9. Sounds like a nice way to create own forum competitions or any oc event. Will look deeper into it when having some spare time.
  10. Oh yeah that was a nice football evening yesterday Nice score!
  11. Our team, specially the BenchBrothers and Strunkenbold, pushed hard and we are really happy with our 3rd place this year. Was a great and specially fair competition among the top-teams - thanks all for that! Was a good and fun competition with widely open hardware field - well done this year hwbot! €: wow and that was post no.1000 :woot:
  12. Happy Pi(e)-day! :woot:
  13. Price updated to 500€ excluding shipping! (will be afk until saturday so maybe response delay until 12.09.)
  14. c'mon guys - nobody in need of a good SB-E atm?
  15. SoF

    Too hot weather

    40°C+ in the Bitfenix office during Computex prepping and no ac on sunday...stop sweating 30°C+ during visiting the new hwbot office in Taipei...no complaining, no sweating massman... ...every summer is the same: deal with it
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