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Benching Sempron 145 under LN2 for the first time :L

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Well finally got round to testing the first Sempron 145 I bought around 2 years ago and it was a half decent chip. 7th Global for wPrime 32M and 1024M (will upload results later) and ran Cinebench at a decent clock too but I was on the wrong OS for that run so the result is shockingly bad xD


Anyway long story short after the board got a little too frost to continue I stripped everything apart and packed it away for another time. When putting the CPU back in it's box I noticed something wasn't quite right :P





As you can hopefully see from the pic the CPU has 2 horribly bent pins and yet it still managed to run Cinebench @ 6GHz + xD


So how many pins can the CPU live without and still run? Off the top of my head I think one of the pins was a VSS pin and the other some Memory Clock pin (which I thought would be important)


VSS I'm sure it can live without since there are many more but just how many can it run without?


Cheers guys :)



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