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EPoX 8RDA6+PRO modded BIOS

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Sorry to jump on the thread, but what do you guys think of this board over say an Abit NF7-S or a LanParty NF2 B?


No where near as reliable, but properly tweaked the board can scream. It's just very fragile. Suffer's from 'death sleep' and easily corrupted bios's.

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Today I have flashed the Merlin Mod BIOS but have huge problem: motherboard don't POST :-(


awdflash.exe (various version tried, also WinFlash) with and without command /py/sn/cc/cd/cp/QI/F/R report "wrong BIOS size" or "not Award Bios" and stop, then for jump this protection i have used UniFlash v1.47 re09 a universal flasher tool (Website in Russian language: http://www.rom.by/book/Uniflash) this is a AMAZING free flash utility, that can flash a BIOS image on many motherboards.

Flashing with Uniflash have well done without error but now the 8RDA6+ don't start and 7segment display show only FF code, can anyone help me?


THANKS in advance ;-)

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FF usually means that everything passed post and is now ready to boot to the OS.


Beep Codes?


No, my friend, FF code in power on means total fault :(

Hardware is not in fault, 100% sure


Excuse me for asking... but are you sure that the .BIN file is not corrupt?

I have error with official awdflash.exe and video message "Wrong BIOS size - Bios don't fit in this EEPROM" is very very strange, what do you thing?

I have compared original and mod BIOS: 512 KB (524.288 byte) = identical size!

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Do you have a programmer or another AMD (socket A/754/939) board?

Yeas :-)

I wave long experience with BIOS flashing!


What's the marking on the BIOS chip?

I wave remode the BIOS for re-flash (hot fash) with second working 8RDA6+ and thi is all the code on bottom:






Looks like a bad flash. FF means completely dead (in terms of loading BIOS) too ;)

Yes, FF is very bad signal on loading :-(

Do you have any advice for this flashing? I remind you that I will havve continue error with awdfash.exe and I can force flash the BIOS only with UniFlash (with no error)



THANKS to all for helpl!!!

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