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Extreme Prometeia UK- a bit pear-shaped


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Things have got a bit out of hand at EP-UK. The forum went down yesterday afternoon. We thought it was a VBulletin update, but checking a few other forums later on, it transpires EP-UK has been sold to OC3D!


This was done without any discussion between EP forum members, and has come as a complete shock to everyone.


OC3D, to the best of my knowledge, have not done anything wrong, but there are a lot of angry thoughts at the moment.


Some EP-UK members have pulled their scores from HWB, and more are expected to follow.


No decisions have been made about the next step for the forum members. We do have a number of options open to us though.



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K404, you know with team you should join ;)


LOL I love your persistence! :D


Looks like EP-UK is done for. A shame, but at the same time, the way things fell apart as actually pulled people in the UK together.


EP-UKs replacement- Bench Tec UK, is doing very well, and will continue to climb.


At the moment, it looked like this is what the UK needed to be pushed into action.

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