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[FS] Patriot/G.Skill/Mach Xtreme PSC & Hypers

Guest Sinebrychof

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Guest Sinebrychof

Alright boys and girls, after damaging 2 golden 780 ti matrix cards I've decided to get rid my of spare ram laying around here.




1. 2x2Gb Mach Xtreme ArmorX 2300 8-11-8 PSC


Bought from Websmile, they do over 2600 CL8 twcl 6 with 1.8v+. I should have the original packaging for them here aswell although a bit damaged.




2. 4x2Gb G.skill Perfect Storm 2133 8-8-8 Hypers + turbulence fan


A nice set of hypers, do 2133 7-8-7 easily with 1.65v, never really tried to push these and see their limits.

I got a g.skill turbulence fan with them and would like to sell it with these. Got no use for it.




3. 2x2Gb Patriot Viper II Sector 5 2400 9-11-9 PSC


Used as 24/7 mem sticks on my x79 system with the 2500 variants of these.

I never did proper 32m runs with these, the 2500 ones are a bit better and are my bench sticks which do 2770 8-12-8 twcl 6 stuff, but I would expect decent numbers from these aswell.




4. 2x2gb G.skill ECO 1600 7-8-7 1.35v PSC


Bought from ebay a long time ago. No use for these at all, they aren't killers but ok for the price.




Prices without shipping costs:


1. 125 euros



4. 50 euros


Payment via paypal or bank transfer, shipping costs should be low since these can be just shipped in a letter or large envelope which are cheap.

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Guest Sinebrychof

Many have asked for the hypers, but always change their mind the last second before purchase :P. I'll put one last call here for them and machs if someone still wants them.

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Guest Sinebrychof

#2 G.skill perfect storm hypers sold and paid


Mach Xtremes anyone??? They are the best of this lot and still available.

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