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Corsair Dominator GTX3 2400MHz - "Absurd!"

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Hey guys. I just finished my latest review on some of Corsair's finest.....thought it might be helpful to any of you who may be considering high speed memory :)


“Absurd: the quality or condition of existing in a meaningless and irrational world.”


Welcome to the absurd world of premium random access memory. Here today I have some of the latest and greatest from a company which needs no introduction as they have defined this segment for years. There are many memory vendors from whom I have purchased RAM throughout my time as a computer builder and user, but none stand out to me like Corsair. Why is that? Why is it that my friends who don’t know diddly-squat about their computers refuse to buy anything but Corsair? Let’s not kid around, to play with this brand (and more specifically the Dominator product line) you have to open up your wallet. Corsair doesn’t even flinch each time it announces a new product with pricing that seems to scream highway robbery, and their pricing adjustments as time goes on seem less influenced by market trends than other brands as well. Are Corsair customers getting what they pay for? Is their product really superior?




Continue reading here :up:


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