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XTU and 4790K


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Hi. I am about ready to pull my last 3 hairs out with XTU. I had been benching pretty heavily until about 6 months ago when I took a break. Last week I purchased a new binned 4790k to replace my release version. Recreated my testbench with win 7 and SP1. Started with Cinebench and both versions scaled as I expected resulting in new high scores for me. Then I have moved to XTU... I cannot break 1000! I'm running a ROG Maximus VII Hero, 8gb 2x4 Corsair Dom Plat 2400 C10 with XMP enabled, 4790k that can bench up to 5GHZ under custom water. My previous high was 1206 with my old chip that tapped out about 4850 or so. I have reinstalled windows twice and XTU more times than I care to say. I have ME from Asus's site installed. Please offer anything to save my sanity. Thanks!

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

I've had two or three sets of that RAM, and it isn't single sided. Look inside the module and you will see if there are chips on either side of the PCB or not. I will be surprised if they are single sided.

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Pretty sure its single sided.


I see chips on the front,on the other side there is just one straight continuous strip, which is probably a thermal pad.

You sure you not thinking about the C9 ones, which are usually Double sided Hyko.



Edit:- Pics





According to the information in the XS DDR3 thread, this is Hynix CFR.

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