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up for sale are a couple of DDR3-mem kits




1. 4x4GB G.Skill TridentX DDR3-2666 C10-12-12-31 1,65v


Quad kit, follow up serialnumbers which indicate ICs used are Samsung D HYK0. The kit is in excellent technical and optical condition, tested on z77 and z97 and works flawless. I tested them fast for 2800C9-12-12-18 extreme tight at 42/43 rtls on Impact and both pairs I took worked, did not test more because I have not much time at the moment and they won´t beat my current kit at voltage. In box with fan



2. 2x2GB g.Gskill RipjawX DDR3-2133 C7-10-7-27 1,65v


PSC. bought without picture or further information and received these this week, black Brainpower PCB which does not match my needs, all my current kits are different, so I tested specs which worked and sell. Bulk




3. 6x2GB OCZ Platinum DDR3-2000 C8-9-8


Two triple kits, very good condition, bought for curiousity reasons. PSC or BDBG based, all sticks do 2400 7-11-7-27 memtest stable at 1,75-1,8v on Z77, specs work around 1,55V and less, no further tests. One kit with original packaging, 8layer superteam PCB


jd801415fcu9r.jpg jd801416i6x3v.jpg


[B]4. 4x2GB GSkill Ripjaws GBRM DDR3-1600 7-8-7-24 1,60v[/b]


Two 2x2GB kits, 10061040 SN on both kits, they use 8layer ST PCB and XDX-PSC. Very strong kits at voltage, at 2400 z77 tests one did 7-11-7-28 1,65v, second one needed 1,58v for 7-11-9-28 SPi32M and memtest, one stick has a trp weakness. On Z97, kit one dod 2600 8-12-8-28 all tight TWCL6 at around 1,8v, not minimized, and 2670 8-13-8-28 all tight ~1,85v, trcd on Asus is at limit, 8-12-8-28 boots but often fails 32M. Second kit does 2670 8-13-10-28 twcl6 all tight at 1,80v and below, TRP9 might work but one stick is clearly handbrake on this. Good kits for air benching, but I would rather see them as a very good option on cold because there you can level trcd weakness and kits that run 2670 twcl6 tertiaries 4-5-4 at this voltage are hard to find, they should do a good job for several purposes. In quad Blister



5. 2x4GB Kingston Predator T2 DDR3-2400 C11-13-13-30 1,65v


MFR, used for a couple of tests including easy 3000C11, in tray with invoice from german online shop





1. 240 Euros+shipping sold at split sale

2. sold

3. 45 Euros+shipping per 3x2GB one kit sold

4. na

5. sold


Items are located at germany, shipping will be 15-8 Euros in eu with deutsche Post. Payment with paypal or western union



Disclaimer: private sale, no returns and no warranty provided by me.

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GtiJason PM'd me saying he was willing to split, which works out well for me to. He will confirm this to you in PM as well. He can have the fan, I have no need. Is this ok with you?


Regarding the IOL, maybe you need Asrock OCF for 3/4. I can't even select 3 on gigabyte for example...

Two of the sticks from the previous kit I bought handled 3/4 but required 2.1V. I'm actually looking for a kit that can do 2840 or higher. I'm thinking a kit that can do low IOL is more likely to do this...

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Split is OK for me if it is OK for the two of you. I will split after endnumber of SN, 35+36 and 37+38 because the sticks are quite even. 120 Euros+shipping is OK as well, I simply split price /2 - OCF I had was not handpicked sample, but still was able to run all of my decent samsungs above 2800 42/43 4/4 on first rtl/iols, so you are most likely right

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