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[FS] PIS 2400 C8 Gskill !


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Hy there,


As i need funds for DDR4 binning i will let these gems go.


G.Skill PI 2400 8-11-8 kit,very rare item and also very rare to perform excellent on both cold and air.




2666 8-12-8 super tight 1.80V

2750 8-12-8 super tight 1.89V




Ln2: 2900+ XTU and 32M 6-10-6




Regarding my experience on ln2 with them,i used them for aooc 2014 qualification and achieved 2933 6-10-6 easy but only screened 2917 6-10-7 because the score was worse due to lazy OS.THey also did 32M 2933 6-10-6 at 2.35V but i have no screen to prove so you can just take my word for that it will do with a good imc and proper board.


THey have no CB no CBB and they work excellent as low as you can get them(in my case -170~-180),pcb used is obviously the better K0-8155.


Mems are cleaned and in excellent condition.


I am asking for 400E shipped in Europe.Please understand they are not only performing stellar but also a rare collector item.Buyer takes care of all payment taxes to avoid any discussion.





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