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General Information


The Overclockers League is the most prominent leaderboard at HWBOT. Developed by former staff member Mtzki and introduced in 2006, the League has undergone many updates to accomodate all aspects of overclocking. In its current form, the League is based on three parameters: benchmark rankings, hardware rankings, and competitions. Your Overclockers League score is calculated as follows:


OCL = SUM [Top15(benchmark) + Top20(hardware) + Top10(competition)]


The League is sub-divided in five categories, depending on your status in the overclocking world. There are: Elite, Extreme, Enthusiast, Novice, and Rookie overclockers. Each class has its own leaderboard, but the points are all based on the same algorithms and points. The classes are defined as follows:

  • Elite: The top crop of the overclocking world – compete with LN2, engineering samples and connected to the hardware industry.
  • Extreme: Compete with all types of extreme cooling and use retail hardware. Not backed by the hardware industry.
  • Enthusiast: Use only ambient cooling
  • Novice: Use ambient cooling and has been at the site less than one year
  • Rookie: Use ambient cooling and has been at the site less than three months


You can find the Overclockers League here:

Let's use this topic to chit-chat about what's going on in the leagues!


Latest Standings





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I've noticed that when Novices are promoted to the Enthusiast league after a year they keep the OC sports points they gained in Rookie Rumbles and Novice Nimbles until a year after the competition ends.


This throws the league as a skilled rookie or novice can easily score big points in such competitions where they may not be good enough to be anywhere near the top in a standard competition such as a Division round.


I'm suggesting that when a Rookie is promoted to the Novice league any points gained in a rookie rumble are removed and when a Novice is promoted to the Enthusiast league any points gained from a novice nimble are removed to keep the leagues more balanced.


It would be interesting to know what everyone thinks.

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Would certainly stop some people arguing about cheating with cooling.

Probably wouldn't be as good for attracting new blood though. I think a true overclocker will bench regardless and the cream will rise to the top whatever way it goes.


I suppose more people making up the numbers should help the industry and maybe fuel more events in the future if it becomes a bit more mainstream.

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