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[WTB] Bench Table + Single Stage/Cascade (US)


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Looking for Dimastech/Little Devil table used or suggestions on where to purchase new in the US. I hear Dimastech is a gamble, and if true would prefer to avoid supporting a company like that. Something like the Easy V3 is the right size/style


Also looking for a Phase Change unit new or used as well, If I can't find a nice used one the only place I know of is "Under the Ice" which is reputable and does quality work. Only thing is I would probably be restricted to SS since with shipping his units are close to $1000.00 and I would prefer not spending too much since I can buy a lot of lin for that kind of dough. I also would love the option to do lazy testing/binning and having the option to cool cpu + mems or cpu + gpu would be fantastic after a long day at work


Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated if you have experience with either of these as I know finding a nice used Phase is about as rare as finding that Lion that is supposed to be chillin' in the hood of my city.....Milwaukee WI

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Little devil bench table is decent but tbh if I was doing it again from scratch I'd spend the cash on the cold stuff and just use Arma to sit the board on.


That's currently what I'm doing, blue shop towels, then armaflex sitting on a nice thick sheet of foamboard. Makes it easy to move around or pick up as well as minimizing flex from the weight of the EK Inflection and Triple point pots and/or the gpu

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devlos over at overclockers.com is looking to get rid of his ss. I pm'd him a link to here.

Here's what he posted:

Phase Change DimasTech Rotary 1,7hp

I am looking to trade this monster for some hardware. Looking for a nice graphics card or motherboard + cpu combo.


I will pay up to $75, maybe $100 if you offer something really nice, to split shipping, it was $130 to ship to me from Ca. With UPS


You can see pics and stuff in this thread.



It is in a box ready to ship so I do not want to take it out and get new pictures, it weighs about 70lbs. Anyone local in south Florida (33460) is welcome to pick it up.


It is 220v not 110v. I have made a cable that you can plug into two separate outlets in your house, like one in the kitchen and on on another phase somewhere else in the house. This cord will come with it but you will use it at your own risk, I am not an electrician and cannot guarantee the safety of this Frankenstein power cord. Please understand what this cord is and how it works. It takes two 110v outlets and makes one 220v. Just beware of this cord.

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