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The official HWBOT Country Cup 2010 - stage 2: MaxxMem thread.


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Our time, ln2, money, experience, died hardware and now remove this stage? I am disagree


Oh really?And when everyone score 33ns and you score 31 and you know you have no special tweak whats that?Skill?


You posted those results even if you knew that was a bug,and thats the way things are,no more no less.

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Temper, temper, no need to argue like this, it's not a matter of skill or special tweaks, it's the equivalent of Car Low, but very rare. Now if this might be considered a lucky run or a bug, it's up to the staff to decide, and being involved in the competition I will no discuss this any further. But there is no need to argue and no need for harsh talk, competitions are won by results, we are screenshot enemies, but friends in the rest of the time, so I don't see no reason for fighting.


As far as I am concerned, I think there are 4 options....leave it as it is, block the scores with <33ns, kill this stage or give it less points. 4 options is enough to give the staff a looot to think about :)

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