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GRIFF - P4C800 @ 387.4MHz - 387.41 MHz Reference Clock


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Great score! A few words from me: the biggest problem on this platform is poor memory controller. Standard "wall" frequency without mods, tweaking timmings and so is around 240-250 MHz. All Intel s478 chipsets are not that great in terms of memory frequency. 865x, 875 and 845x are very similar - I mean they all behave similar with memories. As you prove, CL2.5 is the best for high FSB and MEM clocks. Northwoods are as far the best for high FSB. I hope that somebody will pass through 400 MHz point.

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Limit of FSB depends a lot on the type of RAM you use. Only with Samsung TCCD I managed to climb well, with the other RAM limit was around 330-340. Then also he goes to luck with the processor because only this had not fsb wall. This motherboard is the worst between the two I have. As soon as I finish doing tests with this, I make the final changes to the other and shooting with LN2.

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