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  • Download and install Java (just under 60MB) from the downloads page of the java website. For 64-bit windows you want 'Windows Offline (64-bit)', for 32-bit you want 'Windows Offline'.
  • Download and extract the benchmark's .zip file from the competition page.
  • With java installed, the .jar file should run when double-clicked. If not you may need to right-click and tell it to open with java.
  • Click 'quick benchmark' to run.
  • Set the javaw.exe process priority to high and run it again for a slightly better score (high priority and running twice both help in my experience).
  • Open your CPU-Z CPU and Memory tabs
  • Click the 'Save' button. You'll be prompted to save a data file - AFTER you name the file and press save again a screenshot is taken as part of the data file so keep those CPU-Z windows open until it tells you it's successfully saved the data file
  • Open the competition page, click the 'submit score' button and upload that data file!

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