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First review of A12-9800


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And the DDR4 was Single-Channel...


Still looks promising, considering that 1800P in Firestrike is what the 7870K should get with proper 2400 DC RAMs.

I hope it supports AMP way beyond 2400, 3200MHz would be nice.





You are the guy who overclocked it to 4800MHz?


Could you post some bench at stock and overclocked? Because it could be just a false clock if it doesn't have an unlocked multiplier (which seems very likely, since is a non-K OEM model), just like the OC bug with the olds non-K Llano:


AMD Llano fake overclocking, A4/A6/A8 - PassMark Support Forums

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The physics score is every low. My 7700K got 3899 running at stock (3,4GHz base 3.8GHz turbo).

The graphics score is pretty high! I get 2613 with the iGPU at 1028MHz and 2x2400 DDR3.


But is he using his A12-9800 with single channel rams? Or GPU-Z is misreading them?

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