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[FS] Decent Single Stage


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Hi guys,


the time has come and my trusty single stage is up for sale.

This unit has served me pretty well during my active extreme oc phase. Its been lurking in my parents cellar for too long and needs to go. I inspected it today and its working like a charme.:nana:


Originally it was build by Moc, later refurbished by Patrickclouds, one of the best single stage builders from germany if you ask me. It got a new suction line and most of the internal brazings were renewed. The case is made by Lechuck. Nothing ugly here, maybe the sticker:D Coolant is R404a (at least its written on the compressor, aspera nek 1250:D)


In idle you will get something down to -50C, it kept my 2500Ks around -39C during load. Used vcore not sure right now, was something around 1.65V imho.



Let the pictures speak:






More in here:





This is a heavy unit, around 30 kg. So either pick up in g e r many, or some expensive shipping necessary.


Price: 350 € + shipping.


Preferred is an IBAN Bank transfer, Paypal gift would be possible as well though.

Sellers feedback is located at different hardware forums, e.g. AF oder Luxx.


If you have any questions, let me know.





Disclaimer private sale, no returns or warranty. Use this unit at your own risk.

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