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3D Mark 06 and 05 No GPU Boost


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Im on win 10 i have a 1080 Ti and a i7 7700k.

I can bench every other benchmark (timespy, firestrike, aquamark, 3d mark 2001 se etc etc) and my overclocks and boost applie normaly.

Just in 3d mark 06 and 05 my gpu clock stays at 1569 MHz all the time, while the gpu is under 30-35° C and load is somewhat about 10% .... this results in way lower scores i could achieve.

Does somebody know what the issue could be?



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There is program called powermizer I think which can enhance this, seems load at older benchmarks is sometimes not enough to get full boost on new architecture, maybe you can google this or look at benchmark software section to see if it is there for download

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Powermizer doesn't do what kboost does on evga precision ?

Did any of you felt any improvement by using it ?



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k-boost hasnt worked for me with titan x or now reference 1080 ti, anyone else get it working? power mizer acted funny for me with titan x when going below 0c, would have to re-apply everytime. But ya they basically do the same thing and lock the core clock to the highest p0 state boost clock

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Gote already decent scores by installing windows 8.1... will try those tools later for sure ;-) thanks for the answers so far!


Now i have a new problem, this time with Time Spy... my cpu score fluctuates from 6440ish to 6760ish, while getting the 6760ish cpu score one in 100 benches or so :(

i have stripped the windows 10 down by alot almost no services and so on running idk why this fluctuates that much. i was thinking maybe a unstable oc or something but even lower overclocks it fluctuates alot.


Edit: Another fresh insta fixed that to a fluctuation between 6590ish to 6750ish points. i guess thats normal, at least i hope so.

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Seems OK for me - please note that 1080 ti is not allowed for first round of challengers, it was released after the competition started, so results will not count. I removed them, of course they stay at hwbot :)


So you have to remove me from the "PRO OC 2017 ROUND 1" aswell.

I guess because there i wasn't #1 you have overseen it ;-)


Sorry for that, lets call it "Rookie Mistake" xD

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