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Tutorial: How to get free items with eBay and PayPal

Christian Ney

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Paypal FR and Paypal CH do not communicate with each other :D

That's one thing.

As for id, well:

- Old identity card (it was valid back then, now it is expired)

- Old passport (it was valid back then, now it is expired)

- New identity card

- New passport


That is four different accounts :D

Fun fact: I did not even try to hide it. I use the same name, home address and phone number for all accounts. The only thing that change are the email address and the bank account obviously.

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Most unfortunately, Chris is right.

My most recent experience was with an Italian, who bought from me an FX-9590.


Sent it with registered Post and tracking number.

Buyer opened a case " item not received ".

Tracking number showed clearly that item was delivered on 28-2-2017.


Lost money and cpu.




There is unfortunately, as Chris and Pieter are well aware off, a very-very small minority of really bad fellow members.


I have lost in my almost four years stay here, almost 2000 Euros from transactions on HWBOT.


I suppose crooks exist all over.

Sad :(

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That's why I only accept IBAN - if somebody insists having gaypal -> sorry, buy somewhere else!


Had one guy buying a 4x NAS from me some month ago - he would send me large emails about how the hardware was defective, he couldn't get it to work and so one...then I saw him selling it around 3 month later stating it "working fine, fan replaced for ultimate silence (I did that)"...I wrote him a short text what a braindead mofo dude he is...never read his reply, went directly in the trash, was just fun how he couldn't do anything about it because I had his money and was sure I sended a perfectly working item.


Sad to read how many cases are actually ending bad for respected sellers. Conclusion of this topic can only be: don't use paypal or buyer protection when selling items.

You might get a little less but you get your money for sure - if they want to have it back, they have to take the help of a lawyer and no scammer ever did that :P

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Problem is: we are humans...

Scam happens on both sides...


Honest seller will prefer bank transfer over PayPal afraid of scam buyers

Honest buyer will prefer PayPal over bank transfer afraid of scam sellers


Can't trust no one but yourself

EDIT: Actually sometimes you can't even trust yourself... Sigh

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I still have my account from Jan. 2002 - missed my 15th anniversary - never used that PayPal stuff and only had 3 or 4 cases I needed to settle during that time. And it payed out (literally) doing it on my own.

People buying via IBAN are less likely to screw you and personally I buy a lot from sellers with good feedback only offering direct bank transfer. Spent 500€+ building up a decent NES collection lately and didn't had a single case of scam - maybe with hardware stuff it is more likely to run into trouble?

Anyway don't loose trust in yourself just because others try to *beep* you.

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I know this case.

Happened to me as well. Seller saying they did not receive the item and then a couple of months later you notice they sell the item in question...

You can tell ebay but they will not give a single bunny


This happened to me a lot:

I sell a board with 100% perfect socket. Sellers says the board does not work. I have to pay for the return. I receive the board and the socket is damaged/destroyed. eBay does not give a single bunny (does not matter if you take picture of the socket before or not, they simply dont care).


I also had one case where the buyer lost the PayPal claim, he then opened a claim on eBay for the exact same reason/item and eBay granted it, like WTF?



Maybe I am just a dishonest-magnet...

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