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980Ti K|NGP|N Edition


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Hi guys,


I need a 980Ti K|NGP|N edition with at least 85% asic. Not less.


Thanks in advance


My friend is selling one, want me to ask for you?


I asked, it's 76.3%, never mind :P

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Any info about how yours is oc-ing ?

What voltages are you using on evbot?

Thanks !



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Hi man,


So set evbot to 1.6vcore, 1.85vdimm,1.15v pex, 1.139v vpp. Then boot windows -70°c, then go -90c and start bench at 1800mhz core + mem clock. Then set 1900mhz @1.7v -95c. Then set 2ghz 1.75v -100c

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No KP avaliable??


I just got my first kpe, if it wasn't brand new I'd be all over a deal since I need a gtx 1070 for div 2. Not 86asic or whatever but 83.7 and does about 1600core undervolted to 1141mv some benches like superposiion and all at 1151mv. Stock cooler/paste etc. Mems here (2073) at 1.73v but do 2170 at 1.77v max i've benched on air






EDIT, sorry 2nd pick was quick test on rigged Danger den aio gpu block, i'll find the air tests. I decided to pull that block and will go right to ss phase soon


Just under 1600 since mems were highly oc'd, easy to tell what cooler by looking at suerposition temps



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What price you've payedfor a brand new one with waterblock ?



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no waterblock, just an old DD universal I had but too small for proper mounting so used ss gpu mount backplate like so






any idea what a green dot and the letter A mean ?




price somewhere between $0.01 - 1199.99 usd :P

Sorry for thread hijack, but may be interested in sell trade soonish

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