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1080Ti allowed but not the 2016 Titan X (Pascal)?


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To be honest and objective.


HWBOT members live around the world.

In my country ( poor country ), maybe third world country, Greece, Titan X Pascal and Titan Xp, are nowhere available for buying AT ANY PRICE and not available to buy online from any NVIDIA site in the world.


Only sideway is to have a friend abroad ( Germany or UK ) for instance, send the money to them and get the cards.


Even in this case, support and service will not be available directly to the end user.


Now that would not be fair play, would it be ? :)

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A card that is not distributed worldwide because Nvidia does not allow boardpartners to sell it is even a hard case for ranking for me in general, hwbot allows it though for general use. Hwbot is neither in the position nor does it plan to "punish" any vendor, our job is to keep the playing field at least a bit even at our competitions when we can, we have members from all over the world. When I see the price for Titan XP and 1080 ti for example, I see nearly 1400 euros vs 700 and on the first price no competition that can lower it... this is also a factor for leagues that are limited to cheaper cpu models like the non pro oc divisions

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Same as on pro oc, I moderated and sent out report mails because of missing links - guys, please check the rules, time spy always needs a link for example, I will block all not fixed results I reported tomorrow latest :(

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