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(FS)1151 cpus/ ram/ gpus


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Up for sale are 1151 cpus, ddr4 ram and vintage gpus. I will most likely sell my boards as well next week to finalize my move away from hwbot, but need to test some stuff before this as I still have oblgations






1. Intel Core i 7 6700K boxed wof new


New from rma, sealed




2. Intel Core i7 6700K boxed wof


New from rma, sealed




3. Intel core i3 7350K boxed wof


New from rma, sealed



4. Intel Core i 7 7700K boxed wof


Used, non delidded, batch L637F756, tested on MOCF for 5g cb15 1,18v and 5,2/4,8ghz 1,296v. 32m on air 5,5ghz/5,0 with 4133 c12 waza 1,42v at test. For results check the hwbotprofile

20170513_181242z0zt9.jpg screen081bkbsy.jpg





5. 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX red DDR4-3600 Cl16-16-16-36 1,35v


B-die, week 46 of 2016 kit, might come in handy now that Intel releases x299 in an early panic reaction after ryzen. All four sticks are able to run 4000c12 waza, best two sticks did 4140 12-12-12-220 tight waza for me on air with different cpus and reliably. In box with fan


20170513_181227q2azg.jpg screen0333dsxn.jpg screen081bkbsy.jpg

6. (2x) 2x8GB G.Skill tridentZ DDR4-4133 Cl19-21-21-41 1,35v


Both kits do 4133 12-11 waza reliaible on impact and mocf for me, they were also tested on apex and did well there too. Kits are from 2016, week 24 and 30, with same pcb (1613). Best kits I found so far, I have no need for these anymore so they can go

20170513_181320i2yvw.jpg screen107i2bnh.jpg 1624413312-11waza198vrqya2.jpg 1630413312-11193v32mw1ub7b.jpg


Prices without shipping


1. 240 Euros

2. 240 Euros

3. sold

4. sold

5. 380 Euros

6. sold


Payment with paypal (buyer covers fees or gift), western union or bank transfer from within EU. Shipping will depend on value, weight and location, so please ask for a quote if you are unsure. I also reserve the right to reject claims or bin offers without giving a reason, I get a lot of feedback as mp mod and there are people I do not want to deal with.


Private sale, returns not accepted and no warranty by me

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interested in no.4 if available ;)


->FB chat


you should leave us chance for Michael's goodies。@_@


He should be set by now, maybe some other kits show up soon


#6 sold, payment received, #4 put on hold because I need it a few more days probably

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