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kotori - Athlon 900 (Thunderbird, Slot A) @ 1334MHz - 1min 46sec 363ms SuperPi - 1M


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Thank you Scotty, Zafiropo-san! Without super bypass is slow, I couldn't update my best time.



Congrats for the result.


You chose to disable super bypass in order to gain cpu and fsb speed ?


Why not , this cpu in an other board or chipset ?

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Let's say i'm newbie in this platform.

Super bypass is very tricky in this platform (SLOT A) especially for overclockers.

for sure after 3 days test ,with Super bypass enable you can achieve 3-4 seconds in superpi

if the motherboard let you do it, or if you find the right settings after continuous blue screens


it depends of the higher fsb, chipset, and motherboard + cpu fsb limit.

Theoretically ABIT KA7 is the best motherboard, but can you run Thunderbird cpu's in this mobo?

Thunderbird 1000 is it a good choice or not?

And of course if you don't own a goldenfinger device just forget it

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  • Crew

There was a program to detect chipset revision and enable bypass on the fly. Chipid - PCtipp.ch


I guess wpcredit can do the same.


I have to try the Thunderbird on the KA7, just cant at the moment, as it wont boot anymore. I suspect a cold solder point. Will update the board with polymers to improve stability along the repair process. The advantage of the KA7 is the adjustable cache and the opportunity to change the FSB on the fly within Windows. Its not clear if the additional dram clock buffers help the maximum memory frequency or not.

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