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My thoughts about future Old School is Best School competition


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Hi to all.

I like to overclocking the old-retro HW, but the last championship I did not participate, because the championship became boring, monotonous, repetitive and as result not interesting for me.

I thought for a long time and would like to share my thoughts of the future of the Old School is Best School competition and those tasks that can be used in the future.


Last 1st stage on my opinion was not true School LGA771+Quadro is terrible mix of specific hardware. LGA771 As an option, I still admit that it possible use, but professional nVIdia Quadro video cards are already overkill imho.


In round 4 (2017) we as previous time used Great Socket 462, but each time from competition to next competition the tasks are reduced to the choice of using top-performance processor. Which are Barton, mobile athlon and geode. It's already getting boring. There are a lot of interesting S462 cores and it will be more interesting to try overclock for example 1st S462 cpu's on Thunderbird core, or hot Palomino. This introduced a variety of competitions and filled the database with new results.


Next 5th stage - Hwbot prime for socket5/7. The idea of this task is sounds great. But it is not complete until the end. After all, no one used the processors on the socket 5. Strange? All has made his choice to AMD K6-2+ and 3+ and nothing more. It will be more interesting to choose hwbotprime or wprime32 as Multithreaded cpu test and limit hardware by Inel cpu. It will be possible to use two-sockets 5 and 7 motherboards and make tuning operations for windows and so on or extremly overclock one P-1 cpu.


Also good aidea to use this Multithreaded cpu test on Socket8 where is possible to use from 2 to 8 cps! I will be very glad to see that somebody use ALR Revolution 6x6 or something powerfull and fill hwbot database with new results.


The other my aideas is based on non TOP HW. It possible to try different cpu cores and overclock them. For example to choose first and hottest Pentium2 on Klamath core (in all pentium 2 competition all is used P2-450) or Slot1 P-3 Katmai cpu.


Also, for unknown to me reason, it avoids the use cpu's on Socket3 thre are a lot of interesting cpu on it. On Socket7 as usual takes only AMD and Intel why do not choose Cyrix/IBM, IDT winChip 1/2? On socket370 is rulled Pentium III-S Taulatin 512K lets try Celeron overclocking competition or VIA.


It was a small part of my thoughts about cpu in Old School may it woild be helpfull.

P.S sorry for my english and possible mistakes.

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I fully share the remarks. The main problem of hwbot competitions (old and new) is that are limited to top hardware that costs so much or it's unrecoverable. It would be good for the next cup to make a thread to make the proposals and discuss (do not choose the first proposed draft) for each single stage.

For the old cup between nitrogen and hw purchased I have spent more than 600 euros, I do not even think what the Greeks spent. This leaves many old clockers aboard.

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I agree with max1024

IMHO the problem is that usually the competition (CPU) are divided on sockets. I think it would be more correct to divide by the type of processor core. It would be more correctly and would appear a lot of different options.

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Sockets and RAM type would be a interresting mix imo, because that would make stages possible where you can't just get the top board and top CPU... ie. socket 478 comes with SD, DDR and DDR2 RAM, restricting the stage to SD for example would bring a whole diffrent benching environment... Also chipset restrictions would work in the same way...

For GPUs the same is true by simply restricting series and RAM type (i'm not sure however if RAM type is even in the database though) you could exclude top of the line GPUs while not restricting the choice too much...

771 was a great idea i think, I'd like more server hardware in these competitions, something like 603 or 1207 would also be great imo, because noone overclocks these normaly and a competition would most likely motivate people to do the craziest mods on these serverboards :)


Hope my rambling made some sense :D

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I will share my thoughts too , about Old School Competitions.

I will keep things as simple as possible.


1)We must try to widden the base of active users on these competitions and not the opposite.


Aiming for very specific and less common hardware , is not the way to do this.


2)We must try and keep stages and rules simple.

Too many restrictions are killing the fun factor.


3)We must try to use hardware meant for regular users and not business.

Hardware meant for overclocking.


4)We must try and keep cost low.

I see people making statements about high amount of money being spent for rare hardware and cooling options.



That's a personal choice , for someone who wants to achieve the best , but ... does it have to be that way ?


We can have speed caps ... if you like.


Instead of someone buying a rare XYZ Slot-1 1GHZ cpu , he could overclock his 700 to a Ghz (random example).


5)You wanna see different hardware in these competitions and not the same all the time ? ... it can be done.



Let's organize a specific stage based on motherboard gen.


This month it's slot-1 2D benches

We could have all cpu gens on it.

Covington , Mendocino , Clamath , Dechutes , Katmai , Coppermine


I believe we can find a solution to everything.

There are numerous possible combinations of common hardware.

We can work out a good formula.


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