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WR/GFP Email Notification testing

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Heyo Everyone,


I'm looking for a couple of people who want to test out an email notification feature we've been working on. It's very simple: you get an email every time there's a WR or GFP update.


Drop me a message at pieterAThwbotDOTorg if you want to help testing the feature.


Cheers! :celebration:

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Emails should be pouring in right now :)

@Strong Island can you email me a screenshot of how the email looks in your client?


sorry for the delay, here is a screenshot for the one I just got, I will also forward you an email. The cr15 from a few days ago was a bit bigger but not readable, it's not a big deal because there is a direct link, I just thought I would mention. it's really cool when your working and out of the corner of your eye you see the outlook notification pop up and catch world record, makes it exciting to go see and open it, and I think gives another good avenue of exposure.



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How will this work for launch days? Phones will blow up from all the e-mails :)


Also, I would be interested if you could select which wr's and gfp's you wanted to get notifications from. Also a "media" selection might be good, where only the most prestigious wr's/gfp's show up.

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I received the emails and my opinion is that it is a good idea.

The layout is fine and the info is narrowed to what's most important. Details can be found clicking on the link.


Taking Dancop's WR for Vantage as example, the mail says he used GTX 1080 Ti, but actually he used 2x GTX 1080 Ti. so maybe you want to correct that.



- links to social media so user can share directly

- scores from 2nd and 3rd place, for fast comparison

- specify cooling

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@Bruno, thanks for the feedback. I agree with every point.

@Rauf, yes we can add an option for only WR or GFP once there are more users of the email notification


I was thinking more of a list where you could select individual benchmarks to get notifications from. Like for Vantage maybe I'd select 1xGPU GFP, 2xGPU GFP and WR. But not 3xGPU and 4xGPU GFP.

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