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SF3D - DDR3 SDRAM @ 1130.8MHz - 2617.3 marks MaxxMem


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Sam- It is the cpu clocks which is limiting. I was already doing some higher freq runs, but with lower CPU speed. The score was worse + other issues. So I think with some new CPU I will try to show 1140Mhz+ runs for you ;)


Zoro- 1.9 VDDR, 1.25 VCCSA, 1.1 VCCIO, 1.8VCPUPLL, Skew + driving voltage changes. Subtimings tweaked a tiny bit.

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Very nice result ... again! 30 GB/s finally done! :D


That is already a good cpu, I can tell you. Tested 5 until now and only one chip could do 108 BClock, but only with low cpu frequency. Higher frequencies on cpu and ram should need more VCCIO ... as much as the chip can take. Same as it was with Lynnfield.


Your voltages are really strange. Couldn't touch VCCSA on the UD7, because the whole system got unstable. VCCIO is very low for your memory frequency and timings. :)

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