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Hey mates,

Im looking for an LN2 Supply with rentable devars in northern germany, best in Hannover. I searched for any local suppliers, but just found Linde AG. Out of curiousity I contacted them and they offered a supply in a tank facility if the demand is at least 1000 cubic meters per month. 1 cubic meter is 1000 Liters btw.

So Im looking for other options, can you help me find another supplier?
Thanks a lot for any suggestions.

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12 hours ago, Leeghoofd said:

that's weird as they have been delivering LN2 for nearly all german events and it was mostly even less than 500L per event...

Im quite sure they didnt take my request too serious.

9 hours ago, bigblock990 said:

Did you search for and contact your local welding gas suppliers? Most of them will distribute LN2. Atleast thats how it works in the USA.

Thanks for the hint, Ill check that.

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Forget Linde, they are expensive and mostly idiots.

I am pretty happy with Messer in Austria/Vienna. They also have locations in Germany. Seems like the nearest is 45 km: https://www.messer.de/gasepartner
They provide transport to the doorstep as well without extra payment. Cost is less than 1 Euro per liter, can't remember exactly. For a show with 200 liters it's about 150 Euros including several leased containers.

You can also try Air Liquide. Had some good experiences there as well (in Salzburg though).



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