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[FS] 2x Galax B-Die Kits


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For sale two Galax kits.

White one is the retail I got for GOC2016 that does 4200 wazza (maybe a bit more) with 12-12 and around 4260+ Geekbench (benched with 7700K)
Scales nicely up to 2.09v Note: some contact pins are partially "black" (shown on photo) but mems work fine.

Chrome ones are from GOC 2017 does 4133+ 12-11 32M wazza with just 2v with mems on air. About 4210-4220 MHz for Geekbench.
With a bit of cold they will run even higher. Never seen cold and look as new.

Price for the first kit is 250€ and 300€ for the 2nd one.

Shipping not included



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