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[FS][EU]2152MHz@h2o MSI 1080Ti Lightning - 700€


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Hey guys,

gonna have to let my trusty 1080Ti Lightning go. The card comes from BenchBros in Germany and was benched on LN2 with black electrical tape insulation once - in SLI with another card. It did around 2.4GHz iirc. But for the past year, it ran in my gaming PC on watercooling flawlessly. (Mostly ran on 2012MHz@0,975V or around that mark, but you can crank it up past 2,1GHz if you really want. Memory speeds on these Lightnings are also really amazing, I can easily run +500 24/7 and I think I stopped trying on +700 or so.)  --> New OC results below. It really just was my daily driver and I never benched it. Insulation and shunt mod are still on the card if someone wants to do LN2 again. 

I retested it on water and the card runs 2152/1600+ through FSX (that's +850 Mem). FSU works as well, but it downclocks due to power target there. Mem not pushed further.

Runs: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/18761479https://www.3dmark.com/fs/18761528

Comes with all original accessories, packaging and cooler, like a retail card, but without warranty obviously.

Pics: https://abload.de/gallery.php?key=cPrENxq7

Price: 740€ 720€ 700€

Alibi pic with username and date (excuse the dustyness). I usually have two 120mm fans on the card to keep the mems nice and cool, too. 



I'm also selling (officially now :D) my two GTX580 Classified Hydros. I originally bought them as a collectors item and they were never benched or even used in the last 2-3 years. I tested them once in SLI and that was about it. I cleaned them, restored them and they're good to go. Both do around 1015/2030/1150 in FSX on stock voltages (voltage tool doesn't work on Win10 for me). That's 1.175V and 1.15V respectively. ASIC's are 72,9% and 85,1%. Both have the Ultra BIOS with 900/1800/1053MHz default clocks on them. 

Price: 100€/card

Also selling my GTX580 Lightning XE. I haven't retested it yet but it needed even less voltage for 1GHz than the Classys if I recall correctly. Worked 100% last time I tested it and also runs well in Triple SLI with the Classys. On 900MHz core in Triple SLI I had a power draw of around 1150W though, so be sure your PSU can handle it before you go to town :D 

Price: 75€

All sold to Gawl86.

 I ship from Germany with DHL. Shipping prices within Germany are 7€ and around 15-20€ in Europe. I would prefer to sell these cards inside of the EU so both parties don't have to deal with import taxes, customs, fees etc. PayPal fees are bad enough, an international buyer would have to overpay around 8-10% only for me to get the full money on my end.











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@Fasttrack Yea I will, thank you for your interest. :)


@Gawl86 The pricing on those is difficult. I gotta go by what I find in the HWBot marketplace - there are 2 aircooled ones at 150€ each on sale right now. That seems a bit high to me so I'd say 100€/card for my Hydro Coppers? I hope that's somewhat in the ballpark. So with about 20€ shipping in mind, I could offer you 210€ including shipping for both Classies. 

Either way, I know that also depends on overclockability, condition etc. I don't have the original packaging or accessories for them. I know that last time I tested them in SLI, I had good performance but there also was some kind of flickering going on. Probably just driver error or a bad SLI bridge but I'm definitely going to test that again before selling them. In terms of OC potential, I sifted through my 3D Mark results and found this run:https://www.3dmark.com/fs/10579457. So that's them running at 1013/1100 in SLI. Can't remember the exact voltage but I didn't go crazy on them. Maybe something around 1,3V. 

I also have a MSI GTX580 Lightning XE 3GB that needed less voltage for 1000MHz if you're interested (I only tested the classies in SLI though). The cards work well in 3-way-SLI, too. At 900MHz, it maxed out my PSU pretty quickly though lol (1100W+). It had a pretty good chip iirc - if you want, I can test it again. I could offer you 75€ for that one or 275€ including shipping if you take all three of them. 

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I'm done with all of my exams and being ill, so I finally got to test the 580s again. Sorry for the wait. I can't get the EVGA Classfied voltage tool to work on Windows 10, but I'll check for ASIC quality and OC capability on stock voltage (1.175V). 

If you guys have tips on the voltage tool or are interested in something else, I just ripped apart my 24/7 watercooling loop to test the Hydros again, so now would be the time :D

First card has 72,9% ASIC, running OC tests now... Seems to do around 1015/2030/1150 on stock volts (1,175V)

Second card has a whopping 85,1% ASIC and 1,15V default volts. Runs very similarly at around 1015/2030 (1,15V). Memory ran fine at 1125MHz, got a weird driver error where the card was stuck in low power state every time I tried 1150 or more. Driver didn't crash, it got stuck on 2D already. 

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