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Hey guys, it's time for another sales thread since I gave all my money to EVGA in exchange for the new Dark board.

1) GTX 580 Matrix


Card is delidded and a very good clocker.

Price: 100 Euro plus shipping - Sold.

2) Some random sub zero stuff:


2 pairs BartX heat spreaders, with thermal pad for single side sticks - 20 Euro per pair - 2 pairs sold.
EK single stage memory adapter - 10 Euro - Sold.
Gigabyte Z97 LN2 mounting kit (new, never used) - 40 Euro
EK 5770 adapter for VGA Supreme HF - 3 Euro

Item location: Germany.
Estimated shipping cost within EU: 9-14 Euro for small stuff / 16 Euro for big stuff (mainboard/vga)

Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.

Private sale, no returns, no warranty.


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