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(FS)B-die dual and quad kits


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Good morning,

up for sale are my ddr4-mems, all work and are in excellent condition. Due to the fact that I will need a few sticks for daily and maybe cross tests I will not sell at mems listed but end the sale when enough is gone




1. 4x8GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4-4266 C17-18-18-38 1,45v

Awesome specs and excellent ram, tested in random pairs (after sn) for 2067Mhz 12-11-11-28-220 1T Spi 32m 1,96 and 1,965v , geekbench and other benchmarks work around 1,95v and less for me on apex xi. I made a raw win 7 waza test which worked as well, but ymmv. 2133MHz 12-11-11-28-220 with 2T worked 2,06-2,07v for GB3, these are a2 layout so this is best my combination can do. In box with sticker


2. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Royal gold DDR4-4266 C19-19-19-39 1,40v

Barely used,  tests ended up at 2067MHz 12-11-11-28-220 1T 2,01v for GB3 and 2,03v for SPi32m, 2133MHz 12-11-11-28 2t worked at 2,125v for GB3 and similar benchmarks. Strong kit in mint condition with box and sticker


3. 2x8GB Apacer Commando DDR4-3200 C16-18-18-38 1,35v

Used for daily after being purchased to check ICs, taiphoon burner showed B-dies, not sure this is correct because best oc I got was 3866 C18 at 1,35v and 4000c12 did not work at 2,05v. Reliable, good looking daily stuff


4. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z SW DDR4-4500 C19-19-19-39 1,45v

Unicorn kit, the sole G.Skill highend kit I ever had that has a2 layout despite being non-rgb. Extremely strong high voltage kit, 2067 12-11-11-28 1t works arond 2,05-2,07v for GB3, Spi 32m and so on, 2133-2140Mhz 12-11-11-28 220 1T worked for GB3 and similar benchmarls around 2,15-2,17v. The only kit I really checked for 2400+ c14 last months, 2411Mhz 14-13 2,05v GB3, 2425MHz Spi 32m 14-13 worked as well but that´s already above max of my current board/cpu system. In mint condition with box and fan.


A0/A1 memory

5. 4x8GB G.Skill Trident Z Red DDR4-3866 C18-19-19-39 1,35v

Genuine quad kit, and around best you will find despite the specs out of the box being not that impressive. Tested in random pairs after SN for 2100 C12-11-11-28 220 1T 2,08v GB3 and other benchmarks of similar quality for both pairs, 2133MHz 12-11-11-28 1T worked at 2,15v on one half for GB3, second half did CB 11.5/15 etc at similar voltage but should pass gb3 with tweaking too. Bulk

20190622_192351o4klm.jpg79-80426612-112.15vgbztjtg.jpg  79-80420012-112.08vgb5ukfb.jpg 81-824266c12cb11.5213nfknu.jpg

6. 2x8GB G.Skill FlareX DDR4-2933 C16-16-16-36 1,35v

B-die to my surprise, checked for 2067 12-12-12-28 220 2,13v CB11.5 and C15, 2050 worked for GB3, not tweaked or optimized. Should be nice budget mems or AMD stuff.

7. 2x8GB G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4133C19-21-21-41 1,35v

My best a1 kit so far, tested for 2165MHz C12-11-11-28 220 1T 2,08v GB3 air and for example 2067 12-11-11-28 waza on Impact 8 at around 1,95v real. The kit was, like no4, already sold a while ago but buyer dodged out and bought 700 euro Kingston 4600 - I hope he already recovered from the brain damage he must have suffered from. In box with sticker


Prices (shipping not included)

1. 550 Euros

2. 275 Euros

3. 65 Euros sold

4. ^..^

5. 420 Euros

6. 90 Euros sold

7. 550 Euros sold in combination with a 5,3g 1,24v 8086k


Payment is possible with bank transfer at euro zone and paypal (buyer covers fees or gift payment!!! ). Shipping within EU is around 15-20 Euros, for countries outside of this things will get very expensive, so please get a quote. After recent experiences me and others made with shipping to certain countries like china I am most likely not willing to take a risk to ship there. I will offer mainboards, cpu etc most likely next days in a different thread


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