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GPUPI 3.2 and 3.3.2 (64bit) not working with AMD Ryzen 3900x

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Dear Fellow OC'ers.
@StingerYar @safedisk
I find myself in a strange position with this CPU / system W10.

Everything is up to date. But I can't run GPUPI 3.2 
Despite having Visual Studio 2012 , 2013 & 2015 I'm still unable to run standard version.
After Installing Visual Studio 2013 x64 I have run Legacy version.

I have seen You both running those 64bit versions just fine. 
Is there something else I should've installed?




GPUPI 3.2 fail.png

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I've been using AMD APP SDK x64 + both VS 2012 & 2013.


There's other strange behavior. If you use latest Adrenalin drivers with AMD Graphics card present in system - you won't be able to calculate on CPU in GPUPi, it shall see only GPU for calculation, or even won't start with error like that you mentioned (not sure about exact error message). Removing AMD GPU from system fixing this problem, GPUPi shall start with CPU in list of available calculation devices. Removing GPU drivers won't help, btw. Perhaps you are having same problem...

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vcredist which one - those are Visual Studio - I have 2012 .2013. 2015 in x86 and x64.  :) 
Please check which one do You have in the system for AMD Ryzen 3900x GPUPI 3.2 and 3.3.2. 
Thank You. 

@StingerYar - the card is NVidia GT 710, drivers are present and up to date :) 

I have tried with 2012 versions only, 2013 versions only and 2015 versions only. 
2013 x86 is required to run Legacy versions. 
None of the standard version works :/ Hmmm.

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@ADVenturePO Your error states that you don't have any OpenCL installations available, that support OpenCL 2.0. That's normally only the case if you have a very old setup (not your problem) or only an old OpenCL version available like the preinstalled one in Windows.

So the solution to your problem is to install the appropriate CPU OpenCL driver from AMD. They are not installed with the graphics card driver, these are separate from the Adrenalin drivers for example. As @StingerYar stated, you should use the AMD APP SDK in its latest version. You can try older AMD APP SDK versions as well, they might give better performance (APP SDK 2.9 provides you with OpenCL 1.2 support which might be faster).

Btw, it's good to know that you can install as many OpenCL versions in parallel as you want. Each one of them should show up in GPUPI.

@StingerYar This sounds like a bug with the GPU drivers. They should install their OpenCL GPU version next to any other OpenCL versions, but it seems like they do not.

Check the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenCL\Vendors

It should list all available OpenCLL DLLs on the system. It might be possible that the name of GPU version is the same as the CPU version. In that case add the full path to the AMD APP SDK version to this list.

Last but not least, this is not a VC Redistributable problem! This would be something in the line of "msvcr140.dll is missing". GPUPI 4 will come with VC compiled inside. This is actually not prefered by Microsoft, but they don't seem to be capable to do this right, so I don't have any other choice  as it makes my products suck more. :P

My latest works like BenchMate are already compiled with the VC runtime inside, hence their huge executable sizes.

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