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Hi guys,

-time to update this post -again:  

I am selling both REAKTOR 2.2 and REAKTOR 3.0 (TR). Both are CPU LN2 Pots / Liquid Nitrogen Containers. REAKTOR 3.0 (TR) is the further improved version of REAKTOR 2.2.

If you want to know the exact details and the difference between the two versions you can find it here: https://www.burningoc.de/reaktor 



Time to start a new gpu cooling era with the REAKTOR \G GPU LN2 Pot. You can find all the information about this pot on my website! 


If you are have any questions, or want to buy your REAKTOR, you can contact me here or via the contact form on my website or even on Facebook!



Pascal / 3urner





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What you saw on Facebook is a modification of the current Reaktor not a new version. This mod can be applied to all of the current Reaktors out there. But before that I will do more testing. I just started and will probably be able to reduce the load delta even further. After all the testing is done I might take those new results and put them together into a new version. 

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