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Winter Air For Cooling Submissions


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If someone is harnessing the tilt of the earth for their cooling -- is that just submitted as chilled? 

ie During the winter I install a window fan and then set my pc in front of that for the cold air to be drawn in to the radiators of my AIOs.  Or if someone were to have their rig outside in the cold winter air.  

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Air is air, water is water.

Chilled is when you use a device to physically and artificially reduce the temp of your liquid. Could be anything from rad in ice bucket to full on water chiller.

You'll find a few less scrupulous members here that totally lie about their method of cooling. There in nothing that can be done because there is no proof positive way to prove cooling method used during the bench.

When in doubt, honesty is the best policy. :)

You can always ask first. 

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  • Crew

It is still ambient air that cools the radiator... Indeed some ambient OCers have a huge advantage during Winter... Anyway this has been debated 10.000 times already.... it is all about honesty as Scotty mentioned, no way to verify this or impose different rules....

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I've seen several videos of people using tap water for CPU and GPU cooling instead of a close loop.  I use to live in an area where the tap water was 55F/13C most of the year.  That more than 10C cooler than I can get for a closed loop coolant temperature any day of the year where I live now.

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On 8/23/2020 at 6:18 PM, Mythical tech said:

I think one for people in their first year might be good as well but removing cooling is the way to go. 

I just tried removing the cooling as you suggested...

It smelled a little funny, went dark and quiet,

and I'm pretty sure I saw the Magic Blue Smoke.

Guess I should have waited for my second year.

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