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EVGA 1366 board diagnostics


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I know no one has time for this (I don't even have time for this), but if someone has any idea, I'd be grateful!

I acquired a "for parts" 132-BL-E758, one of the first batch of 1366 boards, basically for free, allegedly with bent pins. I found a few mildly bent pins, straightened them out, and can't for the life of me get it to post. Googling shows me that lots of people had issues with these boards, and in my experience EVGA boards are finicky at best. Any ideas? I'm getting FF-F3-F6-62 loop, and a thorough visual inspection reveals nothing has popped. 

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4 minutes ago, ozzie said:

would be good if you could find the manual to read the error codes to see what they refer to,  can you get the pdf file for it to see what posting codes it has in it


The manual doesn't even have those codes, but in various forums people are saying they're memory related.


Incidentally the only pin that I'm somewhat unsure about isn't a memory pin, it's one of a large number of similar core power pins.

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yes i had a look and all i saw was FF refering to Boot but no description of what was happening on boot , other than that im sure theres a  main egva forum you could find to ask the codes or if anyone else has experienced these issues or codes 


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3 hours ago, Mr.Scott said:

Bent pins tells me socket crush. You may never get that working again. Throw that board away. It wasn't that great to begin with.

No, it really wasn't. I'm out of ideas so I suppose I'll put it back on the shelf. Throwing things away is hard for me :/ I have looked over that thread you linked several times and tried everything including a few CPUs. When I try booting with no mems I get the same codes, so the memory fault is happening before communication with the memory, lending credence to the idea that the socket might be damaged below the pins. There were bent pins, but I fixed them, and they're making contact. The pic of blown up SMDs in that thread is on the back of the board in the general area of the memory, but mine look fine. I haven't tested with DMM, only visual.


Can you test for continuity between the fingers in the mem slot and a CPU pin? Carefully, of course.

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