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GPUPi submissions not working ?


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  • Crew

Had the same issue yesterday. Result didnt appeared in the ranking and keeps telling "its not the best submission". Very confusing for users. Should it detect when its not yet ranked, instead of saying its not the best one?

 Apparently the bot needs extreme time to sync for GPUPI 3.2 CPU 1B CPU subs. All other GPUPI stuff werent a problem.

Also ranking is way off, recalculating didnt helped immediately, might be also a factor for the syncing  prob.


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I was trying out GPUPI 3.2 & 3.3.3 (64bit) with my GTX-760. I submitted to the 3.2 (1min 02.xxx) and everthing is okay :-). I first submitted for 3.3.3 from within the program and the results where posted/submitted to GPUPI 3.2. I ran 54.xxx sec in 3.3.3 not in 3.2.. Is there something wrong with the submission button in GPUPI 3.3.3??

I had no problem resubmitting the run - Manually - with the submit score option from main screen. It only makes me MAD as I have called others on this error.. -> Submitting GPUPI 3.3.3 for GPUPI 3.2 as the newer one always gives lower times..

Thank You For Your Time?

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  • Crew

we pulled the GPUPIs apart, however the coder didn't give other Hex keys to the datafile so 3.3s are always submitted in the wrong category. 

This has been added to the rules to submit manually if you want to submit a 3.3  score.

GPUPI4.0 is around the corner and will get proper implementation to the HWBOT api

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GPUPI 3.3 was never meant to be in its own category. It doesn't know about the change in category. That was decided afterwards from the bot. I remember the time well, I nearly turned my back on HWBOT and needed to take a few months off. The fork was wrong, but releasing an optimized version of the bench and not bumping the major version to 4 was wrong as well.

Leeghoofd and I agreed to get rid of the situation as quickly as possible. I will finish GPUPI 4 after the upcoming BenchMate release and I'm gunning for end of February.

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  • Crew
22 hours ago, _mat_ said:

 I remember the time well, I nearly turned my back on HWBOT and needed to take a few months off.

Good you did not. I think you saved the bot, atleast for benching AMD.

The separation was tricky. Difference between old and new was a bit too much. However, half part of benching GPU-PI is finding the right opencl dll.  I actually now found a very old one where a difference between 3.2 and 3.3 is not there and seem to be quite efficient. Scores are here:



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