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I would like to update my score but I cannot because I exceeded 48 hours since the submission. I would like to update it or submit a new score because I have not yet reached the maximum possible. CPU: core 2 quad q9650 at 4.41ghz which I just upgraded to 4.45ghz (495 from FSB). 

In addition, I wanted to put a description and added photos of the configuration but I have an error 413. I do not know what is blocking. The length of the text or the size of the photos?

I would like to be able to modify regularly but is it a problem to make the request every time? That will work out for me but if it is a problem, I prefer to leave as it is and to make the modification when I will have reached the max.

Next step 500 from FSB and probably 505-510 if possible (it will depend on the vcore).

Thanks in advance for the help!




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Ok i'll look it up ! 

i didn't want to pollute the results with multiple scores for the same user and the same configuration.

I will wait until i am 500-505 fsb before posting. Anyway, i kept the cpuz url to validate the score so i can always repost it later if it gets stucks on the oc.

Thank you ?

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Hi. Please delete this sub: Dim0n527`s SuperPi - 1M with BenchMate score: 6sec 438ms with a Core i9 9900K (hwbot.org)

Screenshot was wrong. I go cpu to x55 for open CPU-Z. I was afraid that there would be a BSOD when opening the CPU-Z. When I open it, goes back to x57, but TurboV was lagged and dont apply frequency. As u can see core speed 5500MHz. 
Thank you so much. Sorry for my english.

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