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It's back!!


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We are looking into it, Programmer identified it as a Java script issue as it still works on good old Internet Explorer, it's in the pipeline for tomorrow.

Also on his plate at the moment: 

Preparing to merge all the "with BenchMate scores" as soon as Mat is done with his latest build of BenchMate, We need to get that all done in a forenoon to limit outage of the BOT. My job will be less fun fixing the doubles, bugged ranking,... 

Tim also needs to finish the new wrapper, so we can implement the new score system with far less load on the database server.

Last UBUNTU update, this time for the E-Sports page...

Then we prolly leave this version of HWBOT as is...


As in the mean time he is building a new HWBOT with new optimized code from scratch...

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Nice that the Wall-Functionality is back.
Every Time i see that there are some little Changes/Updates i get more and more happy.
I'm so excited about the Future of HWBot.org
Great Updates, super Team :)

Just a few more Patreon-Supporters would be awesome.

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