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HWBOT main site down until further notice


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Main site is down due to the coding creativity of one of our community members.

Since it is bank holiday it will take way longer than normal to get the site back up and secure it. Expected downtime till at least friday included.

If you need to check some scores, you can always try out the test server at uat.hwbot.org. Remind you it is only running on a few processor cores (thus being very slow) and does not include the latest scores from this week. Submitting on UAT is pointless as them scores will NOT be migrated to the main site once it is up. 

We hope to be back on Saturday


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  • Crew
8 hours ago, Mr.Scott said:


Instead of banishing the user, you kept him and asked him to help with security?

Are you out of your freaking minds?

Coder you pay should be able to check his own security.

That's how Antivirus and other companies work. Anyway he didn't do anything malicious, but it broke something for sure....

For your info his latest test failed... and the current coder has to fix the many flaws of the old code, step by step...

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3 hours ago, Mr.Scott said:

You've never asked. It would be detrimental anyway. Don't need to feed the mod haters

Well - You are wearing a red shirt.... ?

But you'd be an excellent mod if you were ever to sign on here as part of the team.

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