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Tzk - A7N8X Deluxe (rev2.0) @ 291.1MHz - 291.14 MHz Reference Frequency


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Not sure i can improve on this. I can't boot any Mhz higher (currently ~220Mhz) with this ram divider and work my way up to 290. Maybe i'm not hitting the limit of the board, but falling out of the FSB window. NF2 doesn't like raising FSB via clockgen too much :D Already tried using 1.9V Vdd instead of 1.85V and that didn't yield a single Mhz extra.

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On intel 945 it was impprtant to use some fsb:pci:pcie ratio. Sa I think that software fsb raising changes maybe only fsb, but no pci. I dont know if i'm right, but this might be a hint. Have you tried other ddr1 sticks? I remember also that when i have been ocing integrated gpu on intel, there was very unexpected behaviour between stick's ic's. Bh5 were worse than tccd and tcc5 were the best. Im interested what is blocking you? Cpu? Memory? Mem controller? Chipset/fsb? Pci clock? Some weird timmings? Board layout? Temperature? Voltage? That's a lot of stuff.... Nice clocks btw.

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