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old-retro-hw - Pentium III EB 1133Mhz (Tualatin) @ 1821MHz - 1821 mhz CPU Frequency

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I remember doing something like cut an ide cable to look like this: 

And then your signal integrity might be better, so higher frequency on ide. 80wire cable is better than 40wire, because it has some signal shielded.


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9 hours ago, ludek said:

You can apply VNB mod and see if its not a bottleneck.

It isn't bottlenecking even @235 1:1 3-3-2-7/9. In order of priority, I would blame RAM (if 1:1), CPU, AGP, IDE (with adaptor), clockgen and then NB itself. Most limits can be checked with 2:3 (IDE/AGP), 4:3 (CPU) and 133:133 (RAM) straps.

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Nice score and very good job! I am a fan of your collection on youtube, I am like you for Belgium ^^ However not yet attacking socket 370 but it will happen soon I have everything I need to wait for my Cascade to arrive, for the moment my SS is too small. Well done again, I will try on TUSL2-C and also try my hand at vmod.
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